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Will private health insurance prices ever decrease?

will private health insurance prices decreaseIt is practically impossible to predict whether or not private health insurance prices will ever decrease. However, if the government offers an affordable health insurance plan of its own, insurance companies would be forced to bring down their premiums in order to remain competitive. If the federal government mandates private health insurance prices be lowered, this could also cause a decrease.

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There are many factors that cause health insurance rates to be so high. The cost of healthcare is rising, as are the costs of practically everything. As the cost of their own insurance rises, doctors in turn raise their prices. This means the health insurance companies must charge more.

Save On Private Health Insurance

How can I save on private health insurance?   If you are in the market for private health insurance, you can save money by shopping around and carefully comparing prices before purchasing a policy. You can also opt to carry specific health insurance plans instead of others to keep the cost down. In addition you can take steps to improve your health and subsequently lower the risk you present to health insurance companies in order to get lower health insurance premiums.

It is very unlikely that private health insurance prices will decrease while the cost of living rises unless there is government intervention.

Private health insurance rates are determined by your health, age, gender, where you live, your lifestyle choices, whether you smoke, your weight and more. To help keep the price down, change what you can. Improve your fitness level and lose excess weight, stop unhealthy habits like smoking. If you do, you will be perceived as a better insurance risk and you will be able to find more affordable health insurance with good coverage.

Can’t Afford Health Insurance

What if I just can’t afford health insurance?   If you find that all the prices for private health insurance coverage are too high for you to afford, it is time to look at other options.

If you are in your late 20s or younger, you still may be eligible for coverage through your parents’ health insurance plan.

If your spouse has a group health insurance plan through an employer, it is likely your most affordable option.  Alternatively you may want to look at options such as Medicaid. If your income is low enough to qualify, it could be a good option for you. If your health insurance quotes are too high because of an existing condition, you may want to look for a bare bones policy through your state’s high risk pool if one exists.

Shopping For Health Insurance

Is there a right way to shop around for health insurance prices?   When you compare health insurance plans, you need to be sure to get a variety of quotes from different companies so that you can find the best rate possible. Because every insurance company looks at rating factors differently, discrepancies in price from one company to another are normal. Therefore, the more prices you get, the better your chance of finding the lowest price for your health insurance needs. Be sure to get no less than three quotes!

decrease in private heatlh insuranceOnce you have all your quotes, compare them according to price. When you have narrowed them down by price, take a look at the health insurance company itself. Be sure that you are choosing a high quality company that is financially sound, not one that may go bankrupt.

The way to know this is to check the company’s economic stability with one of the independent ratings companies. Organizations like Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, Weiss Ratings and A.M. Best exist in order to assign grade ratings to all different types of businesses. This is very helpful information for consumers. When possible, choose companies that have an A rating or higher.

Next you will want to look at the quality of customer service a company offers its customers. This means finding out what others say about the treatment they get from the company. Do an online search for reviews about the company, as there are many websites that collect actual customer reviews on health insurance providers to make your choice easier. You may also want to check the insurer’s reputation with an organization like the Better Business Bureau.

Finally, in the process of shopping around for health insurance prices, you should look closely at the fine print on the policy you have chosen. It is important to be sure that everything you expect to be covered really is. Be especially wary of any exclusions or limitations.

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