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United Healthcare Insurance Review

The United Healthcare Auto Insurance review shows that United Healthcare is actually a member of the United Health Group. The United Health Group is the single largest health insurance carrier in the United States. United Healthcare is headquartered at 5901 Lincoln Dr. Minneapolis, MN 55436.

The United Health Group provides over 70 million people in the United States with health related services and products. One of these services is providing affordable prescriptions to more than 13 million people. The United Healthcare network stretches nationwide with over 80,000 dentists, 661,257 physicians, and 5,147 hospitals. They are not an auto insurance company.

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United Healthcare is not just satisfied with providing amazing healthcare service United Healthcare also invests in technology and research in the healthcare industry. Over the past five years United Healthcare has invested almost $3 billion. As this organization does not provide any type of auto insurance, the remainder of this article will focus on what they do provide.

United Healthcare Awards

United Healthcare has a very prestigious history of winning awards and receiving special recognition. In 2009 United Health care won the Innovation Award. This honor was awarded by the National Business Coalition on Health for United Healthcare’s work with people with diabetes.

In 2010 United Healthcare was named the best health plan provider by Business Insurance magazine. Since the award began in 2005 United Healthcare has received the honor four out of the five years.

United Healthcare has received many prestigious awards in 2011. The first was given by the Department of Defense organization the National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard. The award was the Patriot Award for Support of the National Guard. This award honors companies that support their employees that participate in the National Guard and Reserve Force.

Another high honor that United Healthcare received in 2011 was being the top company listed in Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies list. United Health care was the number one company in the managed care and insurance industry according to Fortune.

United Healthcare Coverage Options for Individuals

United Healthcare offers many health insurance coverage options for individuals. These health insurance policies are provided through United Healthcare’s subsidiary the Golden Rule Insurance Company to individuals under the age of 64. People 65 years old and older qualify for Medicare, the federal healthcare system and therefore do not need to purchase private health insurance.

Some of the individual healthcare plans and optional benefits that United Healthcare offers are a short term medical plan, high deductible option, a health savings account, student coverage, and a special copay insurance plan for individuals.

  • Individual copay: The individual copay plan that United Healthcare offers works in much the same way as a copay health insurance plan that a person would have through an employer. Once you pay a set fee for doctor’s visits this healthcare plan covers up too 100% of your exam costs. This plan also includes the benefits of a prescription drug card.
  • HSA: A health savings account is another United Healthcare option. A health savings account is a special plan that combines a tax-favored savings account with a high deductible health insurance plan. The way a health savings account works is that you deposit the money that you save on premiums into the account. This money is saved until you reach your deductible amount. Once you reach your deductible your health insurance plan covers your medical costs. Whatever money is left in the savings account stays there to collect interest. This plan offers lower monthly payments and tax savings.
  • Short-term medical: The United Healthcare short-term medical plan helps when you lose your health insurance because of a life transition such as losing your job. These short-term medical plans offer coverage periods for one to six months. This type of health insurance plan works best for someone who is unemployed, retired early, between jobs, a student no longer covered by their parents insurance, a recent college graduate, or someone who is waiting for a new coverage plan to begin.
  • Student coverage: College life is hectic and time consuming. With all of your focus going to class, maybe a part time job, and maintaining a social life worrying about health insurance is the last thing you need. The United Healthcare student coverage plan covers essential medical needs whether on or off campus.
  • High deductible: Some people prefer the benefits of United Healthcare’s high deductible plan. With a high deductible plan a person pays for routine or minor expenses until the calendar year deductible is paid. Once the deductible is paid all other health related costs are paid by the insurance. With this plan there is a higher deductible, but a lower premium. This plan works well for someone who has retired early and just wants a simple plan until they can enroll in Medicare.

United Healthcare Dental Plans

Dental expenses can be costly and hard to predict. That is why dental insurance is a worthwhile thing to have. Not all employers that provide health insurance also offer dental insurance so it is not uncommon for a person to purchase their own dental insurance. United Healthcare also offers two different dental insurance plans. These two plans are the United Healthcare Dental Premier plan and the United Healthcare Dental Value plan.

The United Healthcare Dental Premier plan is designed for a person who has a preferred dentist that is not included in the United Healthcare network. This plan offers coverage for two oral evaluations and cleanings a year, nonsurgical extractions, one set of X-rays per year, stainless steel crowns, direct resin fillings, root canals, amalgam filings, two treatments per year for disease of the gums, the removal of impacted teeth, and surgical tooth extractions.

The United Healthcare Dental Value plan offers all of the same coverage options as the United Healthcare Dental Premier plan. The main difference between the two plans is that the United Healthcare Dental Value plan offers a lower rate because you can only choose a dentist that is in the United Healthcare network.

United Healthcare does not offer auto insurance, but there are many auto insurance companies where you live that do. Compare auto insurance rates today by entering your zip code now!

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