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Medical Insurance for Toddlers

Your children can be covered by your medical insurance plan until they reach the age of 26. If you have employer-based coverage, you should be able to add your toddler to the plan during the open enrollment period. If you just started a new job, you are typically entitled to special enrollment for you and […]

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Is eye care covered by health insurance?

What is vision coverage? Vision coverage helps you pay for routine eye exams, glasses, contacts, and various other eye services. There are some plans on the healthcare exchange marketplace that offer vision care. However, it is not necessary for adults under the Affordable Care Act requirements. If you know that you are going to need […]

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What is the role of a third-party administrator in health care?

Third-party administrators became popular in the United States when the Obama administration passed the Affordable Health Care Act. Companies were required to provide health insurance to their employees. Companies that opted to self-insure sought the services of TPAs to minimize the costs of providing health insurance for their employees. Third-party administrators offer various services on […]

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How do I know if my health insurance is ACA compliant?

There are several guidelines that a health insurance plan must meet in order to be compliant with the Affordable Care Act. The plan must offer coverage for the ten essential health benefits and it must not have any annual or life time maximum restrictions. Additionally, pre-existing conditions must not affect someone’s eligibility for coverage. Plans […]

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Who counts as a dependent for health insurance?

Before the 2010 Health Care Reform, it was easy to determine who was eligible for coverage under a participant’s employer health insurance. The primary goal of Obama’s Healthcare Reform Act is to make affordable medical insurance accessible to all. When determining whether your insurance will accept your dependents requires some research. All insurances must follow […]

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Health Insurance Once You Turn 26

As you probably know, it’s perfectly legal to remain on your parents’ insurance through age 25. But, once you reach 26, you will need to get your own insurance. Whether you live at home or not, you are considered too old to remain on your parents’ insurance once you reach the age of 26. So […]

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When are my employers required to provide health insurance?

The Affordable Care Act contains a provision called the employer mandate. This provision requires employers with fifty or more full-time equivalent employees in the calendar year 2015 to offer qualified health insurance to at least 95 percent of their employees in 2016. Those employers that fail or refuse to do so may have to pay […]

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When can you change your health insurance?

For many Americans, the Obamacare Open Enrollment period for 2016 is an opportunity to review and change their insurance plans. Those who make no changes can be re-enrolled in the same plan or placed in a similar plan. Start comparing health insurance rates now by using our FREE tool above! Reviewing Options Open Enrollment is […]

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Why do you need health insurance?

Health insurance protects individuals and families by providing preventive care and covering most of the expenses of medical treatment. The Affordable Care Act requires qualified health insurance for everyone. Comparison shopping is the best way to select health insurance and find the best values. Start comparing health insurance rates now by using our FREE tool […]

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When can you sign up for health insurance?

Open enrollment is an opportunity to review the latest plans offered under Obamacare. The current open enrollment period presents plans that will take effect as of January 1, 2016, for those who sign up and pay before December 15, 2015. Open enrollment ends on January 31, 2016, and those who sign before that date will […]

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