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Blue Cross Blue Shield vs United Healthcare (The BCBS UHC Showdown)

Who is better: Blue Cross Blue Shield or United Healthcare? No one company is best for everyone but lets compare BCBS and UHC and see if we can come up with an answer.

Read through this “Showdown Series” quick peek at comparing Blue Cross Blue Shield vs. United Healthcare health insurance, read the detailed individual company reviews (click here to read the Blue Cross Blue Shield review or the United Healthcare review), and then enter your zip into the box on the side of this page to compare free health insurance quotes from some of the best health insurance providers in your state side by side online.

Blue Cross Blue Shield vs United Healthcare: Network Coverage

Blue Cross Blue Shield is not a nationwide company but rather a consortium of smaller independent health insurers who band together and pay a fee to license the BCBS trademark. This means that coverage varies (sometimes greatly) from one state to another. United Healthcare operates as one company on the group health insurance side and also markets plans through its various subsidiaries on the individual health insurance side (some examples of these subsidiaries include Golden Rule Insurance – you can click here to read the Golden Rule Health Insurance review and PacifiCare – you can click here to read the PacifiCare Health Insurance review). While coverage can vary greatly with both companies from state to state it is probably safe to say that UHC has the better overall nationwide network of doctors and hospitals.

BCBS vs UHC: Health Insurance Plans

Both Blue Cross health plans and UHC health plans are known for being solid comprehensive health plans that are absent from the limited benefit fine print that you so often find in smaller insurance companies that are known to push cheap but essentially worthless indemnity health plans. If you choose to buy either a United Healthcare health plan or a Blue Cross Blue Shield health plan you can rest assured that you are covered for pretty much anything. As far as health plans go it is a fairly even match between BCBS and UHC.

And the Overall Winner in the BCBS UHC Battle is…

The overall winner in this rapid fire showdown between Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare would have to be United Healthcare. UHC takes the gold over BCBS because of its true nationwide network. Both companies are great health insurance providers and of course this is just a general review so you should do your own comparison with your agent taking into account your specific situation. To start comparing quotes from top health insurance companies online just enter your zip into the box on the side of the page right now!

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3 reviews

  • Bill Call /

    How much did UHC pay for this article? I’ve had both and Anthem is a far cry better than UHC would ever hope to be

  • Depends on where you live. Here in eastern NC UHC has very few providers and more than likely your doctor will not be , nor do they want to be a provider for UHC.

  • Jack Barnes /

    I’ve had both in several states. I also work in healthcare. Within the framework of the ACA, the bottom of these policies is all the same. The only difference is how much subsidy you are getting; whether it be through your company paying a portion of your policy, or the middle class working family tax base that is paying for your Medicaid/SSI/federal or state subsidy. Not enough people enroll that are healthy because Americans do what they want, the penalties for not enrolling are not steep enough to be more than scoff laws.

    After that is said, your only REAL difference to these policies (keeping in mind that there is really no difference between a 5k and 10k max out of the pocket cap when you have neither 5k or 10k cash) is the physician groups that can bill under the policy writer; BCBS, UHC, etc.

    Basically, you keep sending representatives to Congress that either want to continue to say that “the for-profit industry can insure and care for people better than “we the people” can care for the people,” or you send representatives that say, “let’s just mandate that states all do what a centralized government of a gigantic country says they do and subsidize this with whatever taxes we need until it works.”

    The first guy you sent is typically a conservative. At best, he is coming from a point that says, ‘centralized government has NEVER been able to be responsible with how they spend our money; the cost just bloats out of control as the years go by and then you’re paying 640 bucks for aspirin given to you by a nurse in the ICU because of the built-in regulation.’ At worst he is coming from a place where his candidacy was paid for by a special interest in pharmacology or the insurance industry and he is merely a shill for their agenda.

    The second guy you sent is typically a liberal. At best, he is coming from a point that says, ‘our healthcare industry is stressed, it needs help and this is attempting to help it.’ At worst, he doesn’t understand that the ACA is a half-measure; it is neither single-payer Medicare for all, nor is it private insurance. It is simply the federal government trying to conceal that they have none of the money you sent them over the past 30 years of your life; subsidizing PRIVATE insurers to cover lepers behind your back and using your INCREASED tax revenue, primarily from the middle class, to pay for it.

    Tax cuts for everyone. Let’s get some globalized business (with a wet appetite for cheap labor) back to our shores. Let’s get production going on HERE! You can’t coax Walmart back to the US manufacturing from southeast Asia with 20% corporate tax. They pay near zero over in Indonesia. Do you want the jobs back or not?

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