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Humana vs. United Healthcare (The UHC Humana Showdown)

Humana vs. United Healthcare? Who has the best health insurance plans? Who has the best network? Read our United Healthcare Humana showdown comparison to see for yourself and then enter your zip into our free quote finder to compare quotes from many different health insurance providers online for free.

Humana Health Plans vs. United Healthcare Health Plans

Humana health insurance plans are robust plans that offer true major medical health insurance coverage. United Healthcare offers health plans that are just as comprehensive as Humana but in many areas of the country UHC health plans are known for being cheaper than a comparable health plan. Another advantage to choosing United Healthcare over Humana One is that UHC is known for having very strong Health Savings Account plans. While both companies offer above average health plan in the battle of the plan benefits UHC comes out ahead.

United Healthcare Network vs. Humana Network

It’s hard for any company save maybe Aetna to try and topple UHC from its perch as king of the health insurance network coverage areas. With a true nationwide network and an army of doctors, hospitals, and medical facilities tied into contractual agreements that offer UHC policy holders very low in network rates the United Healthgroup nationwide network is tough to beat. Humana edges out UHC in certain areas of the country (most notably in the southeast region of the US where Humana is especially strong) but given the fact that Humana has an EPO network compared to the UHC PPO nationwide network United Healthcare over Humana in the network coverage area is an easy pick.

Humana and UHC: And the Winner is…

Humana One is a great health insurance provider and probably one of the top 5 nationwide health insurance companies but in this matchup United Healthcare comes out ahead. Remember, that this is just a general comparison and you can read our detailed reviews and ratings by visiting the Humana review page or the United Healthcare review page. Once you have finished reading the reviews then enter your zip code into the box on the right to compare quotes from the best local health insurance providers online.