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Blue Cross Blue Shield vs Humana (The Humana BCBS Showdown)

Should you choose Blue Cross Blue Shield or Humana as your health insurance provider? Read through our quick BCBS Humana showdown and then read our more detailed ratings and reviews of both Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield by visiting the Humana review page and the Blue Cross Blue Shield review page.

Humana Health Plans vs Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Plans

To be entirely honest both Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield are pretty close to dead even when it comes to their health insurance plans. If there has to be a winner then Humana edges out BCBS for one reason: in some states (most notably Florida) Blue Cross Blue Shield does not allow copays for brand name prescription drugs only generics. This fact alone allows Humana to take the top prize in the category of health plans.

BCBS Network vs. Humana Network

The one major downside to choosing Blue Cross Blue Shield as your health insurance provider is that BCBS is not technically a nationwide company because even though Blue Cross Blue Shield may have one of the most recognizable brand names in the health insurance arena BCBS is technically comprised of a consortium of many different smaller insurers who pay a fee to market plans under the Blue Cross & Blue Shield trademark. Humana is a nationwide company and while their network can be spotty in areas it is one of the best in the business. While it is true that most of the Blue Cross Blue Shield companies have reciprocal agreements in place to honor contractual agreements when traveling outside of the policyholders resident state Humana still edges out BCBS as far as network coverage goes.

Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana: The Champion is…

Humana beats out BCBS. Yes, both companies are top notch companies but generally speaking Humana has a little more to bring to the table than BCBS. This is just a general comparison so take this for what it is: general advice. To find specific plan information and price quotes from many different insurance companies just enter your zip code on the side of this page to get started right now!