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Golden Rule Health Insurance Company

Dino Christoforakis
Dino Christoforakis

Editor in Chief & Licensed Insurance Agent.

Are you wondering whether the Golden Rule Health Insurance Company might be the health insurance company for you? In choosing a health insurance company, it is good to consider their history, goals and scope. Looking at the company’s products and plans is also important. In addition, you may want to know if the company is well rated.

Lastly, you will want to compare the price of health insurance through Golden Rule Health Insurance Company to comparable plans from several other companies. Review the information you’ll find below, and then you’ll be in a great position to make an informed choice among health insurance providers.

Read through this Golden Rule Health Insurance review, take a look at the ratings and reviews of Golden Rule left by customers of Golden Rule at the bottom of the page, and then use the free health insurance quote finder on the side of the page to compare health insurance quotes from top providers online.

History of Golden Rule Insurance

Golden Rule Health Insurance began in 1949. In 1993, Golden Rule developed the first medical savings account and in 2003, it merged with United Healthcare Company (click to read the United Healthcare review). Today it operates under the UnitedHealthOne brand name of the United Healthcare family.

The United Healthcare family includes the Golden Rule Health Insurance Company, the American Medical Security Life Insurance Company, and the United Healthcare Company. Golden Rule Health Insurance Company is licensed nationally and has plans for groups, individuals and businesses of all sizes. Although widely licensed, their plan availability varies from state to state.

Golden Rule Health Insurance Company strives to treat people fairly. As a result, they try to treat others as they would like to be treated. This company says that they desire to have transparency and honesty in their reporting practices and regulatory dealings, and they put a strong emphasis on communicating clearly with customers. They are committed to continuous improvements and show this commitment by choosing definable goals and measuring their progress.

Golden Rule Copay Plans

Golden Rule Health Insurance offers two co-pay type health insurance plans, Copay Select and Copay Saver. These plans are traditional in nature and offer preventative care with small co-payments due at the time of service when network doctors are used. Copay Select has comprehensive coverage for history and exams after a $35 co-payment. Inpatient and outpatient expenses are covered with Copay Select. Copay Select also includes a prescription drug benefit. Like Copay Select, Copay Saver offers coverage for network doctor’s visits where a co-payment would apply at the time of treatment. This plan has lower monthly premiums but coverage is limited to two people per calendar year.

Golden Health Savings Accounts

Golden Rule Health Insurance also has Health Savings Account Plans. Health savings accounts allow the insured to get lower monthly premiums because you agree to pay a deductible each year. The insured person sets aside tax free money in a special account that can be used to pay out-of-pocket medical expenses and annual deductibles. The tax savings of these accounts are significant since most families spend a few or even several thousand dollars a year on health care needs.

Golden Rule High Deductible Plans

Golden Rule has two high deductible health plans, Plan 100 and Plan 80. Plan 100 pays 100% of covered expenses once your annual deductible is met. Plan 80 has a lower monthly premium than Plan 100. Plan 80 provides coverage for surgery; hospital stays and expensive out patient procedures after the annual deductible is met. High deductible plans are intended for those in a good financial position to begin with. You must be certain that you can cover a deductible of thousands of dollars in the case of an emergency.

Golden Rule Dental Plans

Golden Rule offers two dental plans, Dental Premier and Dental Value. With each of the dental plans preventative care is covered. A $50 deductible per person per year applies to basic and major services after which the plan pays 80% of basic and 50% of major services. Deductibles are limited to three individual deductibles of $50 per year and the maximum plan benefit is limited to $1000 per covered person. Dental Premier is better suited to those whose doctor is not in the Golden Rule network. Dental Value provides coverage for those who use a network dentist at lower premiums.

Golden Rule Short Term Plans

Golden Rule Health Insurance also offers short term health insurance. This coverage is designed to provide coverage for those whose employment is seasonal, students who are no longer eligible through a parent’s plan, or those who are waiting for Medicare eligibility. Coverage can be dropped as needed without penalty and changes can be made to the term of coverage. There are choices available in terms of length of coverage, deductibles and payment options. This is sometimes also referred to as gap insurance.

United Health Continuity

Golden Rule also has something called United Health Continuity. This plan allows you to have access to personal health insurance even if you lose eligibility to a group plan through self-employment, early retirement or loss of employer sponsored medical coverage. Participants in this plan need to pass an initial health evaluation to qualify after which coverage is guaranteed provided the terms and conditions of the policy are met. If health care coverage is needed when you take out the policy, your plan will begin in active mode. If you then become eligible for employer-sponsored health care, paying a small premium will turn your plan off with the option for it to return to active mode. Premiums are applied each time the plan is turned on or off. This plan can also be opened in an inactive form so that coverage is seamless if anything interrupts employer sponsored health care or so that changes in health won’t affect insurability.

Golden Rule Ratings

Golden Rule Health Insurance Company is well rated by independent institutions. Standard and Poors and A.M. Best are two companies that rate the stability and financial strength of other companies. Standard and Poors rates Golden Rule Health Insurance Company as A+ strong. An A rating was awarded by A.M. Best. Since the financial security of any company can change rapidly in today’s turbulent economic climate it is good to check for updated information periodically. Each auditor uses slightly different criteria to measure a company’s strength. Both of the above ratings are considered great in the insurance industry.

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