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Health Insurance for My Wife

“To sum it up…”

  • Most people get their spouses coverage through their employer’s plan
  • If this is not an option. you may want to compare health insurance quotes online and purchase a private policy.
  • You also may be eligible for Medicaid if you meet the income requirements.

In this day and age, health insurance is so critical to avoid massive bills. Many people are concerned with getting their husband or wife health insurance. Many people have a policy through their employer which will allow their spouse to be covered as well. However, this is not the case for everybody.

If you are in a situation where you don’t have a policy from your employer that you can cover your spouse with, don’t panic. There are several other options for coverage that will allow your spouse to have a good health insurance policy.

These options include government health insurance and comparing health insurance quotes online in order to purchase a private health insurance policy.

Before the Affordable Care Act, purchasing a private health insurance policy was usually not cost-effective.

However, private health insurance policies can now be subsidized with tax credits. This makes them much more affordable. To learn more about getting health insurance coverage for your wife or husband, read on.

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Adding Spouses to Health Insurance Policies


The most common route that people take when they need to get their spouse health insurance coverage is to simply add them to their policy.

Anybody that has a health insurance policy through their employer can add their spouse to the policy. It’s possible to then have the exact same coverage as they do.

There might or might not be an increase in the premiums based on adding your spouse. It is likely that there will be an increase in premiums but by how much? This depends on whether your spouse has any pre-existing conditions or not.

The Added Cost of Covering Your Spouse On Your Policy

As previously mentioned, the added cost of putting your spouse on your health insurance policy can vary drastically.

The most important factor in just how much more the premiums will be per month is whether or not your spouse has any pre-existing conditions. Anything considered a pre-existing condition will raise the premium significantly.

Even acne, for example, is considered a pre-existing condition and will raise the price of the monthly premium. Of course, more serious pre-existing conditions will raise the premium by a higher amount.

Keep in mind that insurers now cannot deny coverage to someone because of pre-existing conditions. You only need to worry about the added costs.

Your Employer’s Assistance With These Added Costs


Some employers will assist you with the added costs that come with putting your spouse on your health insurance policy. A large company is more likely to assist you with these costs than a small business. This is because it’s quite expensive for an employer to do this.

It is also more likely for an employer to help you with your additional costs if you are a high-ranking employee.

If you are not, you may be able to get your employer to help you out with your health insurance costs, but you shouldn’t count on it. It might be a good idea to get some sort of an estimate from your insurer regarding how much your premiums will go up when you add your spouse. This will allow you to create a budget and make sure that you’re going to be able to pay your bills.

Other Health Insurance Options for Your Spouse


There are several other health insurance options besides adding your spouse to your company health insurance. The most common alternative health insurance option is finding a private health insurance policy by comparing health insurance quotes online.

Most private health insurance policies can be subsidized with tax credits due to the regulations of the Affordable Care Act.

There are income restrictions for these tax subsidies, so if you’re making good money may not be able to get the policy subsidized. Additionally, you can try and get approved for government-sponsored health insurance.

For an adult, the most common government health insurance policy is Medicaid. See below for more information about Medicaid.

Medicaid for Your Wife


Medicaid may be an option for your spouse if they cannot get on your company insurance. Keep in mind that Medicare and Medicaid have very strict income requirements.

If your household does not meet your state’s Medicaid eligibility requirements, you will likely need to purchase a private health insurance policy for your spouse.

Private Health Insurance For Your Wife

If you cannot qualify for Medicaid, Private health insurance is your next best bet. It should be easy to find a private health insurance plan by comparing quotes online.

Keep in mind that you should not just get the cheapest plan. You should also look for a plan that has coverage limits that are as high as possible.

Your Wife Being Covered by her Job


If your wife is employed and is offered health insurance through her employer, it may be the right choice for her to get on that health insurance plan instead of being on your health insurance plan. This may be more expensive than having both the husband and wife on the same plan. However, if one person’s plan does not allow a spouse to be covered, this may be the only option.

You should check and see if your wife’s plan allows for a spouse to be covered. If this the case, it may be the best option for you to leave your health insurance plan and get covered on your wife’s health insurance.

Final Thoughts


In conclusion, there should be a way to get your wife covered with a good health insurance plan. This will most likely be the plan that you get through your employer. However, there are a couple other options discussed above if you cannot put your wife on your employer’s health insurance plan.

Whether or not you are eligible for these options depends largely on your budget. Rest assured that if you are not making a lot of money, you will be able to qualify for Medicaid or for a heavily subsidized private health insurance plan.

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