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How to Get a Replacement Health Insurance Card

If you’ve misplaced, damaged or lost your health insurance card, you have several different options to get a replacement. Replacement options vary between healthcare insurance providers, including whether or not you got your policy through, are receiving Medicare or Medicaid, or received your policy through your employer or a private insurance agency. Get free […]

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What is a plan sponsor for medical insurance?

Before the Affordable Care Act, most Americans got health insurance coverage through a job-based health plan. The coverage had either an insurance company payer, or it was self-funded by the employer. In most cases, the insurance plan was an employer-sponsored plan. The employer arranged the coverage options for the employees and acted as the plan […]

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Health Insurance for One Week

We all have different needs when it comes to health insurance. Some of us are fortunate enough to work for an employer where health insurance is provided to us. Others may be students who have health insurance provided to them through their college program. What if you do not need persistent health insurance, though? What […]

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Is medical insurance a fringe benefit?

Fringe benefits include any non-cash form of payment for services. Fringe benefits are both taxable and non-taxed forms of income. Employers can add benefits such as use of facilities or vehicles as incentives or rewards. The tax treatment depends on the type of benefit and the IRS rules. Federal law has excluded medical plans since […]

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Can you be covered under two health insurance plans?

The Affordable Care Act is still the law of the land, with the individual mandate remaining in full effect. Even so, it is apparent that many people have opted to exceed that requirement and maintain coverage under two separate health insurance policies. Having two health insurance policies is a way of having additonal benefits. Supplemental […]

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Health Insurance for My Teenager

In this day and age, many people are worried about how to get their kids health insurance. Healthcare costs are higher than ever before, and the law requires that every adult has health insurance. However, there are many 18 or 19-year-old teenagers that are adults but will have problems getting their own health insurance. Even […]

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How is a health insurance premium calculated?

If you are searching for a health insurance policy, you should know how insurance companies run their calculations to determine your monthly premium payment. Here are some factors you should consider that will help you understand how insurance companies determine your premiums. Premiums are the amount of money you pay each month to maintain health […]

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How does a health insurance broker get paid?

Health insurance brokers play a valuable role in the health insurance industry. Health insurance brokers provide information and develop options for consumers to purchase qualified health plans. Brokers provide services to individuals families, groups, employers, and businesses. Brokers are insurance professional. They can be employees of a larger brokerage company, and they can be independent […]

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What is dual medical coverage?

With all of the questions surrounding the individual mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act, it is striking to consider that some individuals actually have two health insurance policies at the same time. As you compare health insurance policies and consider having dual coverage yourself, there are some more details that would be helpful to […]

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