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What is unconstitutional about the Affordable Care Act?

The opponents of the Affordable Care Act have attacked the legality of the reform law. Spending hundreds of $millions, these well-financed and coordinated attacks used court proceedings at the state and federal levels to undermine the landmark reforms of the Affordable Care Act. Acting without regard to the impact on the populations that depend on […]

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What will happen if Obamacare fails?

Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act could fail for some reasons, ranging from a decline in the number of participating insurance companies to repeal of the legislation creating the health care program. However, a bigger failure may result if the ACA or Obamacare is repealed and replaced by a plan that is not as generous. […]

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What hospital can I visit without insurance?

Can I go the hospital if I do not have health insurance? Hospitals in the United States of America are required to provide service to anyone in the case of an emergency so you can go to any hospital. However, you may be responsible for covering the entire cost of this visit which can be […]

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What if I don’t want healthcare?

Given a choice, many Americans would decline the offer of health care through health insurance. While some plans offer low premiums, the best plans provide extensive coverage at high premium costs. Healthy people sometimes rationalize that the expense is unnecessary. After all, in recent years they may not have seen a doctor because they felt […]

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What type of health insurance does the President have?

Where does the President of the United States of America receive his healthcare services? President Donald Trump, like most presidents before him, receives his medical care from the White House medical unit. However, he has several other options for health care as well. Since he is the Commander in Chief of the United States armed […]

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When is your payment due for Obamacare?

How do I pay my first premium for a Marketplace plan? You pay your first monthly premium to your insurance company, not to the Marketplace. Keep in mind that you will not have any coverage until after you pay. If you are unsure if your coverage has started, you can check it online on your […]

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What type of health insurance does Congress have?

The Affordable Care Act requires all Americans to obtain health insurance. There are certain exceptions, but in general, you have to pay a penalty if you don’t have insurance. Members of Congress are not exempt from this rule. They are offered insurance through DC Health Link, a health insurance exchange based in the District of […]

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What is a VEBA medical plan?

What does VEBA mean in regards to health expenses? Your employer can set up a voluntary employee beneficiary association (VEBA) for you to help offset the cost of medical expenses. It is a trust set aside that your employer contributes money to. It cannot be set up by anyone other than an employer and if you […]

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What is “actuarial value” for healthcare?

Actuarial value is a commonly used method for scoring the benefits of health insurance. It provides a common ground to compare the value of insurance to a policyholder in terms of the money provided by the insurance company and the money required from the consumer. Actuarial value uses the total of payments from the insurance […]

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