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What does RX mean in health insurance?

“To sum it up…”

  • The letters or symbol RX comes from ancient times, probably from the Roman Empire
  • Rx is the Latin symbol for recipe, which means take this or do this
  • Today the symbol Rx usually stands for pharmacy or medicines
  • Rx is recognized in many parts of the world for a connection to medical care or medicines

The Latin word recipe meant an instruction to take this medicine. The symbol today indicates a pharmacy, apothecary, or medicine dispensary. The RX symbol has evolved from the Latin word for recipe or take this to become part of the familiar sign of medicine or prescription drug. While the word recipe still indicates an instruction or set of instructions, the symbol RX in healthcare signifies prescription medicines.

Comparison shopping is an ideal way to get coverage for prescription drugs. The costs of prescriptions in today’s medical marketplace can be enormous. Many medically necessary medications cost thousands per treatment to maintain conditions over long periods.

Comparison shopping can find insurance protection to make the burden of drug costs bearable.

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The Individual Mandate and Universal Acceptance


Obamacare requires every eligible person to get and keep qualified health insurance coverage. It also requires insurers accept every applicant without regard to individual traits and pre-existing conditions.

Prescription Drug plans, Medicare Part D, are not qualified health plans within the meaning of Obamacare. They must work with other parts of Medicare or Obamacare to meet the requirement for qualified coverage.

Prescription benefits are essential health benefits but not essential to avoiding the penalty for no insurance.

Drug Tiers


Plans with prescription coverage can help control out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs required for outpatient treatment. Each plan must have a drug formulary or list of covered drugs. The formularies divide drugs into categories that have cost consequences and restrictions.

Generic drugs are the lowest in cost and most common in formularies. Specialty tiers have brand name drugs that occupy the top level and are the costliest type. These drugs are rare and often restricted by plans which attempt to utilize low-cost generics whenever possible.

The CMS oversees plans and formularies and requires constant updating of the drug lists.

Prescription Drug Plans

Obamacare plans can offer prescription drug benefits; they are essential health benefits.Drug coverage is important to consumers with conditions that require outpatient care using medications to maintain health or control a disease or condition.

Like tests, screenings, lab work, and ambulance service, prescription drugs are a regular and essential feature of modern medical practice.

US Drug Costs


Many reports cite the high prices of pharmaceuticals in the US. The data shows that Americans pay more than other advanced nations particularly those with universal health coverage.

In some nations, like some Canadian provinces, drugs have no cost for certain age groups such as seniors over 65 or young people under 30.

Given the widespread use of prescription drugs in outpatient care, the US has a compelling need to consider to interests of its citizens in lower drug costs. Obamacare made some strides in the direction of helping residents with drug costs.

Medicare Prescription Drug Insurance


Medicare offers several approaches to managing drug costs through insurance coverage. Those with Original Medicare can use Medicare Part D supplemental programs, Medicare Supplement, and Medicare extra help. Those using Medicare Advantage can use either Part D or drug plans in Medicare Advantage, the so-called MA-PD plans.

  • Medicare Part D can increase protection for users of Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage.
  • Medicare Advantage pairs with Medicare Part D if, but only if, the Medicare Advantage plan does not offer prescription drug benefits. Those that fail to observe the prohibition will find their Medicare Advantage-PD plan canceled and status automatically returned to Original Medicare.

Costs of Prescription Drug Insurance Benefits

Most plans exclude prescription drugs from the deductible expenses. They may qualify as out-of-pocket expenses under the overall annual limit on expenses.

Some policies that offer prescription benefits set a low deductible for prescription drugs. This separate prescription deductible makes the cost sharing benefit more attainable than when having to exceed a plan deductible limit of several thousand USD.

Private insurers offer prescription plans, and the cost is in addition to Original Medicare premiums. Medicare Advantage-PD plans combine the costs of prescription coverage into a single health insurance premium.

RX in Healthcare


Prescription drug plans do not stand alone to satisfy the individual mandate, but they are an important protection that affects nearly everyone at some point. Prescription drugs are an integral part of modern medicine and used for many illnesses.

Combined with tests and monitoring, doctors deem prescription drugs medically necessary to treat many conditions on an outpatient basis.

Comparison shopping is an important tool for finding the right combination of medical, hospital, and prescription drug coverage. When considering future medical care needs, consumers must include drugs and use comparison shopping to find the best value.

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