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What is a plan sponsor for medical insurance?

Before the Affordable Care Act, most Americans got health insurance coverage through a job-based health plan. The coverage had either an insurance company payer, or it was self-funded by the employer. In most cases, the insurance plan was an employer-sponsored plan. The employer arranged the coverage options for the employees and acted as the plan […]

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What is a HRA medical plan?

HRAs, which stands for Health Reimbursement Accounts, are one of the most popular types of alternative health plans in this day and age. They save employers and employees a lot of money and are very convenient to use. They’ve become somewhat less popular since the advent of Obamacare, which placed restrictions on how HRAs can […]

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Group Health Insurance for a Writer

Writers can get group health insurance through several membership organizations. Group insurance plans for writers are sometimes limited by state or region. Writers can use the Healthcare Insurance Marketplace if they qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. Insurance premiums paid by self-employed writers can be tax-deductible. Freelance writers have similar options for health insurance as […]

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Is health insurance considered a business expense?

The tax treatment of health insurance depends on the status of the taxpayer. Individuals and families have specific requirements under Obamacare. For businesses, health insurance for employees is a deductible expense. Businesses with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees must offer coverage; small businesses that do not have to cover employees can do so voluntarily. […]

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What is a Section 125 employer health insurance plan?

Section 125 of Title 26, United States Code created a specific exception to the tax laws that permitted employers and employees to establish flexible benefits programs that include health insurance. The Section 125 cafeteria plan authorized taking pre-tax dollars from the employees gross income for the named purposes in Section 125 that include health insurance. […]

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What does UMR health insurance stand for?

UMR health insurance is a kind of self-funded insurance management. Companies that provide assets to cover insured risks sometimes contract with insurance management companies to run the business. UMR is the most widely used company for third party administration. Businesses and consumers sometimes refer to this type of insurance as UMR insurance. Comparison shopping is […]

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