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What is the best group health insurance plan?

people seek best group health insurance planThe best group health insurance plan is really going to depend on your personal health needs and budget. In addition, your employer is the one who usually chooses the insurance plan. However, there are companies that have received accolades for being rated as the best insurance companies.

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You may or may not have a choice in the group health insurance plan your employer offers you, but if you do have a choice, you can be sure you are getting the best plan by the awards given to the following companies in the article below. The following article discusses the best group health insurance plans according to:

  • National magazines
  • Customer satisfaction companies
  • National public advocates

What national magazines rated group health insurance plans?

Consumer Reports in conjunction with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), rated PPO plans based on customer service and treatment and care of the plan. The highest ranking went to Tufts Health Plan followed by the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

When rating HMO plans, Consumer Reports and the NCQA rated these based on customer service, treatment, and care of the plan. The highest ranking went to Harvard Pilgrim Health Care followed by Tufts Associated Health Maintenance Organization and Capital Health Plan.

U.S. News also rates group health insurance plans. However, there ratings are simply based on the size of the insurance company, not necessarily the service that is provided to its policyholders. The list at http://health.usnews.com/health-plans/national-insurance-companies rates:

  • #1: UnitedHealth Group
  • #2: WellPoint Inc. Group
  • #3: Kaiser Foundation Group

What customer satisfaction companies rated group health insurance plans?

J.D. Power and Associates, rated group health insurance plans per the state or group of states they are administered. For instance, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care was rewarded as the best group health plan in the New England states, which include:

  • Rhode Island
  • Connecticut
  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • Massachusetts
  • Vermont

In fact, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care has been rated #1 for eight years in a row according to the company’s website.

However, J.D. Power and Associates does seem to have two consistent award recipients throughout the United States. These two companies and their subsidiaries make up half of the award winners. The two companies are Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan.

The NCQA, which is based out of Washington D.C. rates insurance companies on their website. The top insurance company as noted above by Consumer Reports is Harvard Pilgrim Health Care for the HMO and POS plans.

What does the American Medical Association say about the best group health insurance plans?

The American Medical Association does not rate the best group health insurance plans. However, the American Medical Association, which makes up all of the physicians in good standing in the United States did study which insurance plans denied the most claims. As a policyholder, you may want to avoid the companies that deny claims frequently.

According to the American Medical Association the health care company, which denied the most claims, was Aetna followed by Anthem and Cigna.

What do the individual states have to say about the best group health insurance plans?

Although the states do not rate group health insurance plans individually, many of the states do play a part in the actions of the group health insurance plans. For instance, if the health insurance companies wish to raise their rates, it must first be approved by the state insurance agency.

The states also regulate insurance companies by their financial stability. This is also going to play a role in their standings for ratings.

Many states will still list comparisons of premiums to provide an idea of which company provides the best coverage for the money. For instance, the state of New Jersey does a premium comparison as noted on their website.

There are many factors, which contribute to what is considered the best group health insurance plan. However, the demographics of the state, quality of physicians and care all vary across the United States, which is going to contribute to the rating of a group health insurance plan.

Other factors that contribute to being considered the best group health insurance plan are:

  • Access to care
  • Availability of care
  • Company’s website
  • Company’s customer service

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