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Where can I compare health insurance plans?

woman with glasses seeks health incurance plan comparisonYou can compare health insurance plans on many online websites. These sites will compare plans in your area for your review. However, there are other sites, which you should look into when comparing health insurance plans that are described in the article below.

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There are many resources for comparing health insurance plans which are not insurance companies trying to sell you insurance. Look into the following resources to make the best decision for you and your family to meet your budget and health care needs.

What online magazine companies should I review for health insurance plans?

There are many resources available where you can review health insurance plans. You can start with online magazine reviews from Consumer Reports and U.S. News.

Consumer Reports uses different options for reviewing the companies. One option is to review PPO plans. The criteria for this review includes:

  • Satisfaction for choice of physicians
  • Care from physicians
  • Being able to see physicians
  • Billing issues
  • Company website
  • Overall customer service

For instance, the top PPO Company, according to Consumer Reports is Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Connecticut. In fact, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and their subsidiaries make up the top 25 health insurance companies on the list.

You also have the option of reviewing companies by state. For instance, if you choose the state of Kansas, you can then review both HMO and PPO ratings per company. Each company is given a rating out of 100 like Humana Health Plan of Kansas City, which received an overall rating of 81. The ratings are based on:

  • Treatment and care
  • Prevention
  • Physician care
  • Health plan services
  • Consumer satisfaction

U.S. Newsrates insurance companies based on the insurance company’s market share. However, the top three listed are:

  • UnitedHealth Group
  • WellPoint Inc. Group, which makes up many Anthem and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Companies
  • Kaiser Foundation Group.

What consumer advocates should I review for health insurance plans?

Another asset for reviewing health insurance plans is J.D. Power and Associates. They are known in the industry for providing reviews on companies, which provide the best customer service.

The reviews provided by J.D. Power and Associates are broken down by states. Once you click on your state, you can see the ratings broken down by:

  • Company
  • Provider choice
  • Overall customer experience
  • Information and communication
  • Coverage and benefits

For instance, Blue Cross and Blue Shield received the award as best health insurance Company for the state of Florida, but Michigan’s best company was the Health Alliance Plan.

Another consumer advocate worth reviewing for reputable insurance companies is the Better Business Bureau. You can review consumer complaints and resolutions within this site.

Lastly, you can see how a health insurance plan rates by reviewing its status on the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Simply enter the health plan name and zip code and the company information and rating will populate the screen. The highest accreditation status is an “Excellent,” followed by “Commendable,” “Accredited,” and “Full.” There are other ratings and comments, which include less favorable statuses like “Denied,” “Revoked,” and “Suspended.”

The NCQA is unique in what they do because the committee was established to enforce good health care. By providing reviews and accreditations of insurance companies, you can be sure that you will receive the proper health care when your insurance plan receives an “Excellent” rating by the NCQA.

What financial rating companies should I review for health insurance plans?

A.M. Best, a financial rating company, is a reputable company for reviewing health insurance plans. A.M. Bestrates insurance companies based on:

  • Financial stability and outlook
  • Ability to meet its financial obligations
  • Ability to pay its debts
  • Simply input the insurance company name, and the rating with an explanation will populate the screen.

What about searching my state insurance agency for health insurance plans?

Each state maintains an insurance website. Within this site, consumers can review insurance companies for their financial stability.

Each state also maintains a separate site with insurance programs. Within this site, consumers can find programs that they are eligible for outside of private insurance companies. These sites can be extremely beneficial when you cannot afford private insurance, during unemployment, or when looking for insurance coverage for a child.

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