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What is overseas health insurance?

Many people that have health insurance often forget that their policy will probably not extend coverage to them when they leave the country. This type of insurance would benefit someone that is moving out of the country for an extended period or a business that regularly sends its employees out of the country. You can […]

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Is it possible to get some sort of accident health insurance?

It is possible to get accident health insurance (also known as accident medical insurance). Most people seek out accident health insurance in order to cover their health insurance deductible. By having accident health insurance, those injured in an accident can have coverage for expensive medical expenses such as hospital stays, x-rays, and emergency room visits. […]

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What type of unemployed health insurance should I get?

As if being unemployed isn’t bad enough, on top of that you have to worry about health insurance coverage. The good news is there is coverage out there for those who find themselves unemployed. To research health insurance quotes online; simply enter your zip code in the box to start comparing policies! According to the […]

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What is student international health insurance?

Student international health insurance is health insurance for those students who are traveling abroad. With the increase of students studying abroad, there is also an increase in the need for specialty health insurance. Many do not realize that their health insurance covers them only while in their own country and not cover overseas. Finding the […]

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What are the different types of term health insurance?

Term health insurance covers you when you have a gap in health coverage and need insurance for a short period. When coverage from one provider ends, you will want to make sure you are protected in case of illness or injury. Find term health insurance providers by entering your zip code. You will immediately receive […]

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Where can I get an individual health insurance quote?

There are several ways to get an individual health insurance quote. You may choose the traditional method of contacting a local agent; you can seek an online insurance broker; or you can contact the insurance company directly either via phone or through the internet. Are you looking for an individual health insurance quote? Enter your […]

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Is there such a thing as maternity health insurance?

There is no such thing as stand-alone maternity health insurance. Rather, maternity coverage is either included under the normal benefits of a major medical health insurance plan or as an option in other plans. To find health insurance rates on plans that include maternity coverage, enter your zip code in the box now. According to […]

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What kind of changes are coming in social health insurance?

A health care system can be broadly defined as doctors and other service providers and whoever pays them and the ways in which their services are paid for. Changes are coming to health care, our elected officials and appointed bureaucrats are already making progress in changing what we have now. We need to look at […]

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Where can I buy private health insurance?

There are many places to purchase private health insurance, especially if you shop around online. You can purchase coverage through the actual health insurance company, or through a health insurance agency. An agency will sell multiple types of policies through different insurance companies in one place. Still having trouble finding the best health insurance plan? […]

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