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Is it possible to get some sort of accident health insurance?

woman with neck pain needs accident health insuranceIt is possible to get accident health insurance (also known as accident medical insurance). Most people seek out accident health insurance in order to cover their health insurance deductible. By having accident health insurance, those injured in an accident can have coverage for expensive medical expenses such as hospital stays, x-rays, and emergency room visits.

Searching for the right health insurance or accident health insurance can be difficult. You can see free health insurance quotes by typing your zip code in the box now.

According to MSN Today Travel, while U.S. health insurance does cover medical care for individuals, those who travel outside of the United States may not have coverage where illness or an accident occur. This can be problematic for individuals who aren’t aware of this.

While most believe they’re covered on a cruise ship, little do they know in most cases, insurance companies will not cover medical expenses when traveling on a foreign-flagged vessel. Even those cruise ships traveling through U.S. waters are not flagged in the United States. Learn more travel tips from the U.S. Department of State.

What types of accident health insurance policies are available?

That depends on the coverage and the company you’re working with. There are also different types of accident health insurance. There are basic personal illness and accident policies, corporate policies for employees and even policies that can be issued for the one-time event, such as a trip.

Some accident health insurance plans are limited to a certain time of day, specifically nonworking hours. Most companies and corporations have something for accident health insurance whether it is for nonworking hours or for workers who are overseas.

What does accident health insurance cover?

As with every plan there can be limits, terms and conditions built into the policy. With health insurance, this can be part of it and many of the conditions have to do with a very large deductible.

Accident health insurance has many uses, but the biggest bonus is not having the individual go broke from a deductible or the expenses health insurance just doesn’t cover.

The following are some expenses that are eligible under certain accident health insurances plans:

  • Prescription drug expenses
  • Lab services including x-rays
  • Emergency room care
  • Room and board in the hospital
  • Registered nurse expenses
  • Dental treatments for those cases of injury to natural teeth
  • Surgery fees from doctors

Other miscellaneous hospital expenses include:

  • Outpatient surgery
  • General anesthetic
  • Cost of operating room
  • Tests (lab and x-rays)
  • Prescriptions or medicines
  • Supplies
  • Therapeutic services

Do I need accident health insurance?

Many people ask that question before agreeing to any accident health insurance plan. It all depends on your individual situation.

If you have regular health insurance, it’s important to see what you’re covered for and what you’re not covered for. Accident health insurance is considered a supplemental health insurance and it’s there to help cover expenses not covered by your regular health insurance.

Do you have any risk factors involved with your job or after hour activities? More questions you should ask yourself before seeking out accident health insurance are:

  • Can you afford it?
  • Do you have enough savings to cover those expenses your health insurance won’t cover?
  • If you end up dying from an accident, will your family be covered sufficiently?

Make sure you do a cost comparison between the monthly expenses of accident health insurance versus how much you would potentially pay out in health expenses if an accident were to occur. In most cases, accident/supplemental health insurance is not used or not used often. If it’s a financial burden to purchase a policy, it may not be the best on to have or to have one at all.

Many of the accident health insurances out there can also include accidental death and dismemberment insurance. These are specifically designed to reimburse medical expenses resulting from accidents/dismemberment or pay out your benefits to beneficiaries if you die from a specific accident outlined in the plan.

What’s great about these policies is that the accidents can include the following: car accidents, accidents that occur from home and even accidents that occur on the job. If you lose fingers, toes, vision and limbs, you could be eligible to collect a percentage of the death benefit.

To research the benefits and costs of accident health insurance or health insurance in general, you can view health insurance quotes online. Enter your zip code in the box and start your search!