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What is overseas health insurance?

retired couple seeks overseas health insuranceMany people that have health insurance often forget that their policy will probably not extend coverage to them when they leave the country. This type of insurance would benefit someone that is moving out of the country for an extended period or a business that regularly sends its employees out of the country.

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What is involved with individual overseas health insurance?

Many people move out of the country for non-work related reasons. For whatever the reason, many of these people do not become citizens of their new country and still need health insurance coverage. Health insurance varies by country and a person might not be eligible for coverage in their new country.

This type of coverage is also a good choice for someone that does not stay in one place for very long. People that travel the world have to have one policy that will cover them no matter where they go. Most of the companies that provide overseas health insurance offer two types.

The first is a United States style overseas health insurance plan. This plan will offer coverage to people that travel through the world, but still come back to the United States for periods of time. This country has a very different type of health insurance program than the majority of the world, so special coverage is necessary while staying there.

The second type of overseas coverage is international style coverage. This plan is for people that will not need any type of health coverage in the United States. This type of health policy lets the policyholder choose what type of coverage they actually need. They choose to have just hospitalization coverage or a more full coverage plan.

What is involved with business overseas health insurance?

Many American companies today are trying to expand globally. Often businesses can find cheaper labor overseas or do a lot of business in another country and want to have an official company presence there. These companies like to send representatives to these other countries to set up and run offices and just all around oversee the business.

A corporate overseas health insurance plan is the perfect thing for companies in these situations. These plans also allow the businesses to offer certain benefits to their international employees. Some of the programs available include:

  • Dental coverage
  • Discount programs for health clubs
  • Emergency assistance coverage
  • Vision coverage
  • Pharmacy coverage
  • Long-term disability coverage

There are also special short-term overseas health insurance plans for companies. This is a great choice if the employee is only meant to be in another country for a short time.

What is an example of an overseas health insurance plan?

A good example of an overseas health insurance plan is the Aetna International Expatriate plan. This health policy includes:

  • PPO medical plan
  • Pharmacy coverage
  • Emergency assistance and evacuation coverage
  • Vision coverage
  • Health care and mental health counseling
  • Special wellness program

This plan also has coverage options including:

  • Dental coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Accidental death and personal loss insurance
  • Long-term disability insurance

How should someone prepare before leaving for another country?

There are many things that someone should do before leaving the country for any period of time. Proper identification should be a top priority. It is very important for a traveler to have proper and current identification in a foreign country. This usually means just a passport, but it is important to double check and make sure that the country does not require any other form of identification.

If someone plans to be in a new country for an extended time, they will need to bring more than just a passport. They should bring copies of important paper work like insurance papers and diplomas. They should also contact their home country’s embassy when they arrive in their new destination. If something happens back home and they need to be contacted, the embassy should have their information.

The U.S. Department of Stateoffers additional tips on what you need to know when travelling abroad. Traveling to or living in another country should be an exciting adventure. The last thing anyone should have to worry about is health insurance.

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