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What type of unemployed health insurance should I get?

woman needs unemployment health insuranceAs if being unemployed isn’t bad enough, on top of that you have to worry about health insurance coverage. The good news is there is coverage out there for those who find themselves unemployed.

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According to the Foundation for Health Coverage Education, one third of Americans who are without health insurance are eligible for public health coverage. Why they are still not insured doesn’t so much have to do with availability, but rather a lack of knowledge on how to get health insurance.

What should I look for in unemployed health insurance?

You need to know the facts before enrolling with a health insurance program. Decide on the type of coverage you need. A single, healthy person will need less coverage than someone who has a family with young children or someone who is elderly with a need for prescription medication.

Figuring out what you can afford on a tight budget is another concern. By having a good idea of the actual amount you can pay per month for health insurance, you can design a plan specifically to fit your budgetary needs.

Many companies offer a gap health insurance called COBRA. This is usually three to four times higher than the amount you were paying beforehand in health insurance with your last company. However, COBRA’s plans are very comprehensive.

With family plans adding up to $1,200 a month, many people cannot afford COBRA. The next step is to look into short-term solutions and see if you’re eligible for government programs.

Look into your state’s Medicaid program. If you have children look into what your state has to offer for children’s health insurance.

If you’re actively looking for a new job, you can look into short-term health plans. These plans are specifically designed to give you short-term coverage that range anywhere between one and eleven months.

For those who take more than eleven months to find a job, the underwriting for short-term plans are usually flexible. Most can extend your coverage without having to underwrite a new plan.

For those individuals who are healthy and single, looking for a plan that has a high deductible could prove beneficial as well. Health insurance plans with high deductibles have lower monthly premiums in most cases.

While it may seem scary to sign a high deductible plan, it’s a good idea to compare the risks versus your budget. What is the likelihood that you are going to need health insurance at all during the year? If you rarely go to the doctor or become sick this might be a good option.

There are those individuals who are considered high risk with pre-existing illnesses or conditions. Finding health insurance that is reasonable for high-risk recipients can prove difficult.

The federal government has made it simple to research insurance coverage for those who are high risk. Those looking to qualify for coverage through state and federal insurance can start by visiting the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website and researching their guidelines for high risk individuals seeking health insurance.

Can you negotiate a better unemployed health insurance plan?

There are ways to finding the best fit for your individual or family needs. For instance, you can have one family member covered by one insurance plan, such as COBRA, and the rest by a lower health insurance premium option.

There are some cases where you can negotiate your medical bills. The prices of services in the health field can vary by even thousands of dollars and health insurance companies’ bargain with these prices every day. So can you. See if they’ll discount your services if you opt for payment up front, in full or with a payment plan.

Do I need anything besides unemployed health insurance?

Keep in mind the health of your smile directly correlates with your overall health. For those who are unemployed there are options for dental plans that won’t break your budget. Research what you’ll need to spend in order to keep your mouth healthy and happy.

When doing your research for cost effective health insurance make sure to read reviews of what other customers think of their health insurance company. While it may seem as though you have slim pickings with such budget constraints, quality still matters.

Finding a health insurance company that has a proven track record of working with their customers is important both with the initial underwriting and with any future dealings.

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