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Zale Health Insurance Company

A review of the Zale Health Insurance Company leads to the Zale Corporation, in business since 1924, is one of the premier retail jewelry companies in the world. Today, the Zale Corporation boasts almost 1900 retail stores in the US and Canada and a thriving on-line business through five exclusive Zale sites. Brands in the Zale Corporation stable include:

  • Zales Jewelers
  • Zales Outlet
  • Peoples Jewelers
  • Gordon’s Jewelers
  • Mappins
  • The Piercing Pagoda

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Prior to the establishment of the first Zales Jewelry store, gold, diamonds, and other precious jewelry items were mostly out of the reach of the everyday workingman. It was the Zale brothers’ goal to offer quality jewelry products at affordable prices with easy credit terms. Suddenly, everyone could afford to buy fine jewelry and the Zale Corporation grew and prospered.

The Zale brothers, Morris and William, were pioneers in retail credit with their innovative “penny down and a dollar a week,” layaway program. In time, the Zale Corporation began to insure its own credit accounts and established three insurance subsidiaries, Zale Indemnity Company, Zale Life Insurance Company, and Jewel Reinsurance Limited. These three companies were formed to provide insurance and reinsurance coverage for a variety of programs.

Zale Insurance Products

  • Credit insurance for Zale customers covering the loss and replacement of insured items
  • Insurance protecting Zale customers for losses caused by disability, loss of employment, or death
  • Group life coverage for employees who are eligible for this benefit
  • Servicing for other, discontinued insurance programs

In 2010, more than 35 percent of Zales’ customers purchased credit insurance through the Zale Insurance organization. Through T D Financing Services of Canada, Zale Corporation now provides its Canadian customers with private company credit cards. Zale and TD Financial Services recently inked a five-year agreement for these services, which is both advantageous and highly profitable for these two companies.

Zale Insurance Headquarters

Corporate offices for all Zale Corporation subsidiaries are located in Irvine, Texas:

Zale Life Insurance Company
901 West Walnut Hill Lane
Irving, Texas 75038

The Zale Indemnity Company can also be reached at the same address.

Zale Life Insurance Ratings

A.M. Best rates Zale Life as good, “B+,” for financial strength and gives Zale Life a “bbb-” credit rating. Both ratings are considered to be stable.

Zale Corporation Financial Information

Zale Corporation stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol, (ZLC).

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