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Is the PSA test covered under obamacare?

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  • The PSA is a controversial medical procedure
  • The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force’s (USPSTF) graded PSA at “D.”
  • The American Cancer Society recommended dropping PSA as a screening test.
  • The rates of PSA and Detection Have dropped in the US.
  • Obamacare does not offer PSA as an Essential Health Benefit.

Medical procedures must offer a defined benefit that outweighs the risks that come with it. The PSA carries significant risks due to misdiagnosis. Independent study gave it a poor grade for continued usage as screening. Men can make an informed decision and accept the procedure. Plans cover it in varying ways and extents of costs. Comparison shopping is a key to getting the mix of tests and procedures that matter most. Comparison shopping focuses on the needs and preferences of the subscriber. Start comparing health insurance providers now by entering your zip code in our FREE tool above!

The Essential Health Benefits

Screenings and preventive care are among the important ten essential health benefits found in every qualified health plan. The use of more patient based decisions and detection techniques was not affected by the recommendation against PSA testing. Obamacare provides no cost procedures that primary care physicians use to detect prostate disease. They particularly include the following that relate to cancer detection.

  • Immunizations and screenings
  • Cancer screenings
  • Physical examinations
  • Reproductive care
  • Laboratory procedures
  • Wellness

Medical Care Saves Lives

We know too well the results of poor medical care and the impact on lives when costs and lack of money make people sacrifice their health. Obamacare was designed to have the widest possible coverage for Americans so that no one would go without basic medical care and screenings to detect avoidable diseases. To provide care for all, there are limits to the features plans can contain due to costs, Every element must stand up to analysis that its benefits outweigh costs and side issues. The PSA does not rate as well as many other standard screenings for patient benefits and costs effectiveness.

Preventive Care

A key element and important advance of Obamacare was its emphasis on prevention, health, and wellness. Screenings are a vital first step in early detection of disease that grow into life threats if left untreated to grow undetected. These include diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity complications, and smoking tobacco products.

Coverage of Tests and Procedures

Obamacare provides a wide range of tests and screenings in every plan and without charge to subscribers. These are important screenings that reveal conditions that become severe if undetected. The medical community once considered the PSA among these. The change in the medical and scientific community was not unanimous, and some depth to the dispute lingers on today.

Left on its own, Obamacare would include any screening any doctor wished to perform.

Giving weight to the expert opinion that some tests are not cost effective, or do not help more than they could hurt patients, Obamacare excluded PSA as a standard screening. Plans provide it at their discretion and under costs sharing conditions that they select.

Doctor-Patient Relationship

Obamacare relies upon the medical experts to practice medicine, and it focuses on creating and maintaining a beneficial framework that can include every resident of the states and territories. The key aspect of medical care remains the doctor-patient relationship. It is the proper context for making informed medical decisions about the usefulness of the PSA.

Taking Charge of Medical Care

Obamacare encourages subscribers to take an active role in managing their health care. The resources and protections of the Affordable Care Act will mean little if subscribers do not get involved and make decisions that help then get healthy and remain healthy. Obamacare proceeds on the basis that it is far more effective to maintain good health than to attempt to cure disease and repair the damage of neglected health concerns.

Getting what you want from Obamacare

Obamacare offers a fabulous array of plans, prices, services and locations in addition to the essential health benefits and legal protections. In such a broad and busy scene, sometimes applicants can lose sight of a few important things such as risks based on personal and family history. Comparison shopping is important for getting the best match for the subscriber’s needs and preferences. Some procedures may have particular importance to an individual based on family and medical history. When comparing plans, it is useful to consider policies, facilities, and network services given expected needs or past practices. Start comparing health insurance providers now by using our FREE tool below!