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Do my medical records affect my health insurance coverage?

stethoscope medical records affect health insurance coverageA person’s medical records can affect their health insurance coverage only if they have a high-risk medical history. Preexisting conditions is a very important factor that health insurance providers take into account when determining a person’s health insurance rates.

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There are many different forms of health insurance out there and every state handles them differently. Needless to say, health insurance can become very confusing. It is always a good idea to learn as much as possible about how health insurance works. Internet sites such as the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality are often a very useful resource.

What are the different forms of health insurance?

The three types of health insurance that people today are most familiar with are:

  • HMOs — Health Maintenance Organization
  • HSAs — Health Savings Plan
  • PPOs — Preferred Provider Organization

An HMO health insurance plan is very common, but not always well liked. This type of plan is a very common plan offered by employers. While the coverage tends to be good, many people do not like this type of health insurance plan because it limits their ability to choose their own doctors.

An HMO health insurance plan has a special network of doctors, clinics, and hospitals. To have their medical costs covered by their HMO, the policyholder has to choose their medical care provider from this network. This can be a real issue if someone switches to an HMO and their preferred doctor is not in the network or if they develop a condition that requires a specialist that is not in the network.

A PPO health insurance plan offers the same type of coverage of an HMO, but allows the policyholder to choose their own doctor. This freedom makes the PPO plan a very popular choice, but this plan does tend to be a bit more expensive than an HMO health insurance plan.

Most people are willing to pay a bit more to be able to choose their own doctor. Often people have the same doctor for years. It takes a long time to really develop a sense of trust and ease with a doctor so many people are very reluctant to have to find a new one.

An HSA is a unique type of plan. This plan combines a tax-free savings account with a high deductible health insurance plan. The policyholder is meant to save money in the savings account to pay for routine health care costs like annual checkups and the health care plan is meant for a more serious situation. The plan has a high deductible, which in turn keep the monthly premium payments very low making it very affordable.

What if I am unhappy with the amount of health insurance coverage I have?

Most people in the United States receive their coverage through their employer. Unfortunately, not all employers are able to offer health insurance that covers all of their employee’s needs. In these cases, the employees might find it useful to purchase small insurance policies that provide extra or specialized coverage. This is known as supplemental health insurance.

Supplemental plans either provide extra coverage to make up for an existing plan that is lacking or offers a specific type of coverage that the policyholder does not receive at all from their employer. While most employers offer some type of health insurance benefits it is not uncommon to find an employer that does not offer dental insurance coverage. Because of this dental coverage is a very popular form of supplement insurance.

Cancer insurance has become a very popular supplemental insurance over the past few years. At one point or another, most people think about what would happen if they ever developed cancer, especially if that person has ever been a smoker or has ever worked with dangerous chemicals. Cancer insurance is a great way to have added protection in case the policyholder is ever diagnosed with cancer.

Is supplemental health insurance worth it?

No matter how great someone’s coverage is cancer treatments are very expensive especially if they involve any length of hospital stay. Odds are their basic health insurance plan will not cover all the costs. This is the basic idea behind all supplemental health insurance programs. A basic policy will never cover all of the costs so having a little extra coverage can save a lot of money in the long run.

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