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Can I afford health insurance costs?

counting money to pay for health insuranceTimes are tough, not only for companies who are scraping by through the recession, but for most individuals as well. Not having health insurance for your family and yourself can be stressful and we all know how expensive medical costs are today. However, there are some ways to find health insurance to protect your family and you in case of an emergency or illness.

Comparing health insurance quotes can be easier said than done. A good resource when searching for health insurance quotes is this website. You can type in your zip code and start looking for affordable health insurance rates that can provide you with the protection your family and you need.

According to Sacramento Magazine, the amount of Californians without health care coverage in 2009 before the recession had reached epic proportions of 7 million. In 2010, it was even worse with one out of every four Californians going without coverage. It seems like the lack of health insurance has been a problem for a while, but there are some solutions to affording plans.

Where do I look if I can afford some health insurance?

While this might not work for everyone, joining your spouse’s health insurance plan can be very cost effective. For those who lose their health insurance through a major event, nowadays its most commonly a job loss, you can usually join without having to wait for open enrollment.

For those who don’t mind having a stripped down version of health insurance, they can cover themselves with emergency insurance. The cost of this is twenty-five dollars a month and the coverage is $25,000.

Doing the research and shopping around for rates is essential in finding health insurance. Many people just assume they can’t afford insurance without doing to proper research. Look for HMO plans that offer several plans with various prices. Take the time to compare and contrast different plans to see if the costs and their offerings will meet your needs.

Some people don’t trust themselves or the websites. In those cases seek out the help of a broker. A consultation with a health insurance broker can help you find the most comprehensive plan to fit your lifestyle and needs.

While is good to do some initial research online, many people like the one on one contact with a broker. A broker can assist clients with several issues that tend to arise. You can find a licensed broker by checking out the National Association of Health Underwriters.

What do I do if I just can’t afford health insurance?

Payment plans can be set up for those who can’t afford the upfront fee of health insurance. Most companies can split up the cost over 12 months making it a much easier solution than going without.

For those who love couponing, you’ll be happy to know that there are discounts out there for health insurance. There are professional and social organizations that offer discounted group rates.

If all else fails and you need medical treatment those who are uninsured or of low income can visit community clinics for those issues that are not emergencies.

What happens if I don’t have health insurance but have a medical emergency?

According to MoneyCentral MSN, you can’t be turned away from an emergency room if you don’t have insurance. In 1986, a federal law was passed to keep this from happening. Basically, the law prohibits hospitals from not giving patients emergency care when needed.

This law applies to those hospitals who participate in Medicare, which actually includes most U.S. hospitals. What you are entitled to for care under this law is three things:

  • Appropriate transfers
  • Emergency care (stabilizing care if necessary)
  • Proper screening

Also with this federal law, hospitals are not allowed to transfer a patient until they have been stabilized unless the patient insists and releases the hospital from potential consequences of being moved.

However, this does not entitle someone to emergency care if there is no emergency. The law is specifically for those who are seriously injured and need care ASAP.

To avoid not having health insurance for your family and yourself you can search online resources or find a qualified health insurance broker. This can be done easily right here, just enter your zip code in the toolbox provided to receive health insurance quotes.