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Where can I find affordable health insurance plans?

woman at computer with credit card seeks affordable health insuranceTypically, the most affordable health insurance plans for people in low-cost situations are state-provided programs. A very popular option is Medicaid. However, since Medicaid requires applicants to meet certain criteria, you may have to look elsewhere. If you are a college student, then you may be able to get very affordable health insurance through your school.

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What are the different types of health insurance?

There are many different types of health insurance plans available, all catering to different ends of the market. Fortunately, quite a few of them focus on providing affordable insurance, as well.

As stated previously, one of the most common affordable choices is Medicaid, which can help cover you, even if you don’t have a job. However, you do have to meet certain state specific qualifications to receive Medicaid benefits for your family. If you don’t qualify, there are still other low-cost insurance options out there.

Another option for affordable coverage is called emergency medical insurance, which has the potential to help you save quite a bit on your monthly insurance costs. An emergency plan covers large expenses, like hospital stays and procedures, while you foot the bill for smaller costs, like doctor visits. If you don’t have any reason to see a specialist routinely, then you may want to consider one of these plans.

It’s important to remember that a higher deductible doesn’t always mean that your insurance will be more affordable. Sometimes, this actually places you at a higher risk for accumulating medical-related debt because the out-of-pocket expenses are greater.

Are there any discount plans that will make my health insurance more affordable?

You may be able to find a discount plan that will help you lower your monthly medical costs. However, it’s important to remember that discount plans are not health insurance; they are essentially health-related coupons. You will still have to pay for the privilege of receiving the monthly discount plan, in addition to your regular health insurance coverage.

One of the most common discount plans can help you lower your monthly cost of prescription medication. There is no reason, however to pay for a plan like this if you don’t purchase several costly prescriptions monthly that aren’t covered under your policy.

Discount plans are often a good choice if you are ineligible for other types of insurance because you already have a pre-existing medical condition. Most discount programs will not exclude you.

The fees associated with joining a discount plan are charged either on a yearly or monthly basis. Most of the time, monthly fees can be paid in full for an entire year if you would like to do that as well.

What’s the least expense health insurance plan?

In general, the cheapest insurance that you can buy is called a Fee-for-Service plan. It’s one of the basic types of insurance you can buy. You are only charged when you have to use your plan, like going to the doctor. However, it’s important to evaluate your coverage needs before you sign up for a plan like this because the fees can accumulate very quickly if you need to use your insurance often.

Plans like this are only one-step above not having health insurance and paying for your doctor visits out-of-pocket as you go. Make sure you consider all of your options before making a final decision.

If you’re considering purchasing a barebones type of insurance plan that only covers the basics, you should reconsider, especially if it doesn’t cover large medical bills or routine doctor visits. The costs for both of these can quickly turn into large chunks of debt. You may end up paying more for your low-cost coverage than a plan with a higher monthly rate.

If you recently lost your job and are out of insurance, then WebMD suggests looking for ways to cut down on your immediate medical costs, such as negotiating fees with your doctor by explaining your situation.

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