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Where can I compare health insurance prescription prices?

prescription drug health insurance comparison pricesYou can compare health insurance prescription prices by comparing prices:

  • Online through prescription drug comparison companies
  • Calling local pharmacies
  • Comparing prescription prices when you are choosing health insurance coverage

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Regardless of how you choose to compare the prices of prescription medication, you should always get a minimum of three comparisons. Be sure and take into account:

  • Convenience of where you are getting your prescription filled
  • Cost of gas
  • Knowledge of the pharmacy and staff

What online websites can I use to compare prescription prices?

There are many websites, which offer to compare prescription prices. However, many do not have the prescriptions you need or do not provide pharmacy pricing that is located within the United States. One website that contains a large amount of prescriptions and uses national retail and online pharmacies for comparisons is PillBot.

When using PillBot, simply enter the prescription drug name and dosage. A screen will populate with the different dosage options and prices at various pharmacies. Note that this is an amount without any insurance co-payments or coverage taken into account.

AARPoffers a comparison on prescription drug prices by entering the prescription you would like to compare. However, you must be a member of AARP to benefit from this service.

Consumer Health Ratingsprovides various comparisons on prescription medication depending on the state you reside. Click on the link to the state’s Office of the Attorney General. Once you are there, you can choose your county and the prescription drug you wish to compare. The site does not have every drug available, but it does provide a large selection.

If you wish to head straight to your state’s Office of Attorney General, you can perform the same search. The benefit of this particular search is that it provides the listings with names, addresses, maps, and phone numbers of the local pharmacies with pricing.

How do I compare prescription pricing with my local retail pharmacies?

There are different ways in which you can compare prescription pricing with local retail pharmacies. You can get on the phone and call the multiple pharmacies in your area to receive a quote on a prescription.

If you are near the pharmacies, you can stop by and pick up lists of prescription pricing, which many retail pharmacies provide to their customers.

Lastly, you can obtain pricing from the local pharmacies and then ask your preferred pharmacy if the company will price match the cost of the prescription, or if they can provide you with a discount card so that their pharmacy becomes the most economical.

Should I compare prescription prices for name brand and generic?

You should compare prescription prices on generic and name brand drugs. The generic drugs will cost you less money almost all of the time.

How do I know if the pharmacy is reputable?

When filling your prescription medication, it is important that the pharmacy is reputable and trustworthy. Nationally recognized retail pharmacies should be reputable and trustworthy. However, you should always check the label on your prescription to make sure that it matches what the physician prescribed.

Online pharmacies should have what is known as the “VIPPS” seal according to Consumer Reports. The VIPPS seal stands for “Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site.” Only purchase prescriptions from online pharmacies that display the VIPPS rating.

Do not compare prescription prices or purchase any prescriptions from companies that send you emails. These emails are usually spam emails and will end up conning you out of your money.

How can I compare prescription prices when shopping for health insurance plans?

When shopping for health insurance, you should always look into the prescription portion of the plan. Review the company’s formulary to be sure they cover the prescriptions you are currently taking. Find out what your co-payment, coinsurance or deductible will be on prescription drugs so that you can incorporate that into the price of the prescription medication.

Many insurance companies can provide a cost of filling a prescription drug from their own mail-order company. When shopping for health insurance, you should compare the cost of filling the prescription drugs with at least three health insurance plans. Mail-order prescription drug companies are usually the most economical and will provide a 90-day supply, which is always cheaper than a 30-day supply.

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