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Western Fraternal Health Insurance Company

The Western Fraternal Health Insurance Company was formed to assist Czech immigrants purchase affordable insurance. However, the Western Fraternal Health Insurance Company only sells life insurance products. Because of this, Western Health Advantage will be reviewed instead.

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Western Health Advantage works primarily with California small business owners to help match them with affordable health insurance plans for their employees. Since this health insurance provider’s inception in 1997, Western Health Advantage has assisted California-based companies in purchasing comprehensive medical coverage that suits all of their needs.

Western Health Advantage Contact Information

You can write to Western Health Advantage at:

Western Health Advantage
2349 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite #100
Sacramento, California 95833

Call Western Health Advantage at 1-888-227-5942 if you have any questions about coverage or rates. Potential clients can also email Western Health Advantage at [email protected]

Western Health Advantage Customer Service

Since there is only one location listed for Western Health Advantage, some prospective customers may feel that this company is not able to competently handle their customer service needs. Western Health Advantage claims to connect more than 95% of all callers to a live agent in less than 45 seconds. Although these claims have not been substantiated, it is worth noting that the California Department of Insurance takes misrepresentation very seriously.

Although this is a smaller-sized health insurance provider, it seems that Western Health Advantage has hired enough employees and contracted enough insurance agents to handle its customer service concerns. Because customer service-based complaints were not found on the web, Western Health Advantage probably doesn’t have any issues with fielding phone calls or answering emails from prospective and existing clients.

Western Health Advantage Insurance Products

Western Health Advantage primarily deals with employers that want to offer health insurance policies to their employees. Individual plans cannot be purchased at this time. The health insurance coverage sold by Western Health Advantage includes:

  • Basic medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Prescription drug plans

Business owners are able to customize the plans that they purchase, and have the option of paying the entire cost for medical coverage or splitting the costs with their staff. The details of the health coverage offered by Western Health Advantage are only available to those who apply for a quote.

Western Health Advantage Insurance Agents

Independent insurance agents and insurance brokerage firms that are licensed to sell insurance in the state of California are welcome to work with Western Health Advantage. An application must be submitted before being considered, however, interested parties can also call Western Health Advantage for more information. From the information available on the website, it does not appear that Western Health Advantage hires in-house insurance agents.

Western Health Advantage doesn’t list any prerequisites for independent insurance agents. Along with filling out an application, a background check will also be performed. Currently, only agents that sell group health insurance products can be appointed by Western Health Advantage.

Western Health Advantage Career Opportunities

Presently, there is only one job opening listed at the Western Health Advantage website. Since this is a small company, openings are only periodically available. All applicants must be California residents or be willing to relocate for the job. Western Health Advantage was recently named one of the best places to work in Sacramento.

Anyone interested in working for Western Health Advantage can send their resume to the human resources department. It is not known how long Western Health Advantage keeps resumes on file.

Western Health Advantage Insurance Claims

Health insurance claims must be submitted by the employer in order for them to be processed by Western Health Advantage. Because employees cannot individually purchase policies, everything must go through the employer. Typically, supporting documents such as doctors notes or medical reports need to be included with the insurance claims.

Western Health Advantage does not indicate how long it takes to process insurance claims. The policyholder will be notified of whether or not the insurance claim was approved, and given the option to appeal the decision if necessary.

Western Health Advantage Insurance Quotes

Insurance quotes from Western Health Advantage are only available over the phone. Prospective policyholders are able to supply Western Health Advantage with their pertinent details in order to hear from an insurance agent.

California company owners are also able to call Western Health Advantage directly in order to acquire more detailed information. Applicants will need to know the number of employees that they want to purchase insurance for in order to get an accurate quote.

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