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WellPoint Health Insurance Company

WellPoint Health Insurance Company is one of the leading providers of medical insurance in the nation with over 35 million members.

WellPoint was developed with the goal to reduce the large number of uninsured and underinsured Americans. They are meeting this goal by providing affordable health insurance that stills meets the typical and not so typical medical situations people find themselves in.

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WellPoint Healthcare Involvement

WellPoint works closely with physicians and hospitals continually reviewing their policy and procedures. They do this to make sure their members are receiving the best medical care possible with the fewest mistakes possible. They also work closely with communities and non-profit organizations to find out how they can provide information and resources that assist individuals in receiving proper medical care.

As part of this partnership with communities, WellPoint offers prevention and educational services. The point of this program is to reduce the need for invasive medical procedures and lifelong diseases. For example, WellPoint began a health improvement program for members with diabetes. This program educated members and gave them life management tips. As a result, members in the program went to the hospital 27% less than before being part of this program.

WellPoint History & Parent Companies

Though WellPoint itself has only be in existence for 5 years, its parent companies Anthem Inc, and WellPoint Health Networks both were in existence as successful healthcare companies for many years (click here to read the Anthem Health Insurance review). When these two companies merged, the result was WellPoint, the leading health benefit company in the United States. Through this merger, WellPoint is able to offer health care services in all 50 states.

WellPoint National Accounts Customer Segments

WellPoint works with a variety of health care companies to provide plans for many different segments of society. The have a National Accounts Customer Segment. This is health insurance for a group of employees in multiple states who have companies headquartered in a WellPoint area. Employees must number over 2,500 and 5% of employees must be out of the headquarters area.

WellPoint Local Group Customer Segments

The next segment is Local Group Customer Segments. Members eligible in this group have less than 1,000 employees or more than 1,000 employees but less than 5% of them are out of the headquarters area. Another segment is Individual Customer Segments. These are just individuals under the age of 65 who apply for WellPoint health insurance on their own, not through a group, employer, or organization.

WellPoint Medicare Plans

Another segment served by WellPoint companies is Seniors. This is for individuals over the age of 65 who qualify for Medicare. To qualify, you must have signed up for Medicare Advantage or already have Medicare Supplemental insurance. WellPoint for seniors can help fill in the gaps that are left by traditional, straight Medicare.

WellPoint Medicaid & Children’s Insurance

The next segment WellPoint offers service to are State Sponsored Businesses. This is for state sponsored health care programs such as Medicaid and children’s health care programs. WellPoint becomes a provider for individual states. Each individual state decides what companies they will contract with to provide state sponsored medical services.

WellPoint Federal Health Plans

The last segment that is eligible to receive WellPoint insurance plans are Federal Employees. This is for government employees of the United States as well as their dependents. The employees must be in the geographical area that is served by WellPoint. This is part of a contract with the United States Office of Personnel Management.

WellPoint & Blue Cross Blue Shield Partnerships

In order to provide services to all of these different segments, WellPoint works with a variety of companies throughout the United States. The main group of companies is called Blue-licensed Subsidiaries. These are companies within Blue Cross Blue Shield (click here for the full Blue Cross Blue Shield Review). Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is for members who live in Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin (click here for the Anthem Health Insurance review). WellPoint also works with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia and Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield serving New York State (click here for the Empire Health Insurance review).

In addition to these companies, WellPoint also works with specialized companies such as imaging services, management companies, dental companies, vision companies, health care supply companies, prescription companies, and worker’s compensation services. All of these companies combined together make WellPoint able to offer comprehensive quality care to its over 35 million members.

WellPoint Supplemental Products

WellPoint’s main product is health insurance coverage but they do offer a variety of other products to help members manage their overall health care. These include COBRA options, flexible spending accounts, vision coverage, dental insurance, behavioral health care, disability insurance, long term care insurance, pharmacy benefits, and other insurance products.

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