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Anthem Health Insurance Company

Anthem Health Insurance Company is a subsidiary of WellPoint, Inc., which is the largest health benefits company in the United States. Derived from Indiana based Mutual Hospital Insurance Inc, which was founded in 1944, Anthem merged with WellPoint Health Networks, Inc. in 2004, allowing it to market its services under the Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield name.

Anthem Health Insurance Company has grown to be one of the largest health insurance providers in several states, with its headquarters remaining in Indianapolis, Indiana. While Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) is a very strong nationally recognized company offering coverage in many states across the US it is still quite important to read this review of Anthem BCBS, read the Anthem customer reviews at the bottom of the page, and then also use our free health insurance quote tool to compare rates from many different companies.

Anthem is a top notch health insurer but no one company is the single best choice for every single person. Read on to learn more about Anthem Health Insurance and then compare quotes from many top health insurance providers to select the company that is right for you.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Programs

Anthem Health Insurance operates on the belief that providing excellent health care helps maintain health and promotes its mission through large networks, preventative screening reminders, and chronic health condition management. They also offer related services such as dental insurance, life insurance, and prescription benefits. Publicly funded programs (Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance, Aged, Blind, and Disabled, as well as others) are also available in select states.

With a focus on keeping healthy, Anthem Health Insurance heavily campaigns for their Health Footprint (SM). This is based on the principle that health conscious decisions positively affect other people around you. They have recently teamed with Bob Harper from “The Biggest Loser” to provide their members with motivation, inspiration, tips, and challenges to get healthy and stay healthy.

In addition, members are given access to 360 degree Health® offering tools, resources and support to help people improve maintain their health as well as to manage chronic conditions for an overall healthier and more productive lifestyle. Anthem’s goal is to lower health care costs by increasing health care. A live nurse line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with general health and wellness questions as well as to help you make an educated decision on seeking emergency care.

Anthem Health Insurance Plans

Although plans vary by state, Anthem typically offers a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) network. Although these plans allow you to seek services out of the network, it is at a much higher cost so you are therefore encouraged to stay in the network whenever possible. The higher your deductible is, the lower your premium will be.

In order to determine which plan will best suit your health needs and your financial budget, you will need to consider the importance factor of each of the following: the monthly premium, the annual deductible, the out of pocket maximum, your coinsurance, office visits, drug benefits, preventive care, financial incentives, mental health, and any other possible riders such as maternity.

In addition to the more traditional health insurance plans described above, Anthem offers Lumenos® plans, which give the members more control over their health care decisions and money by offering Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Health Incentive Accounts (HIA).

With an HSA you make tax deductible contributions to your account which you can later use to reimburse yourself for medical expenses, prescriptions, and some non-prescription pharmacy items. Please note that the Internal Revenue Code Section 213(d) defines which medical expenses are qualified. Unlike the money you pay toward your deductible in a PPO plan that expires after the plan’s year-end, the money in your HSA rolls over from year to year.

You will receive 100% coverage for preventive care that is nationally recommended, and if you use in-network providers for other care you will pay less for the care that you receive. If you find yourself in need of more traditional coverage, you have the option of paying for your deductible out-of-pocket, called a “Bridge”, to receive further benefits.

The HIA allows you to earn credits in your account through various rewards programs. Typically you receive money in your account for completing a health assessment, for enrolling in a health coaching program, for graduating from the health coaching program, for completing a tobacco-free program, and for completing a healthy weight program.

The rest of the plan works similar to the HSA. Your account funds roll over every year, you receive 100% coverage on preventive care, lower costs on in-network providers. Again, you can “Bridge” to traditional coverage if you need to. Anthem also offers the HIA Plus Plan which funds your account with a yearly plan allocation in addition to the financial incentives.

Anthem Medicare Supplement Plans

Anthem offers Medicare Supplement Plans to help offset your regular Medicare coverage. While Medicare pays for many health care services, there are often deductibles, coinsurance, and uncovered balances that need to be paid.

A supplement plan offers secondary insurance to help cover these costs while allowing you to keep your own preferred doctor and hospital. There is a monthly premium and some out-of-pocket fees which will vary by plan.

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