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Dino Christoforakis
Dino Christoforakis

Editor in Chief & Licensed Insurance Agent.

Although there is a Universal Insurance Company, it does not sell health related policies. The UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company sells both health and supplementary insurance products across the US. The UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company has been in business since the late 1970s and provides health care coverage to nearly 1/3 of the US population. With its headquarters in Connecticut, the UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company has recently acquired several small insurance providers and expanded its reach.

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Business Insurance magazine has given the UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company several awards for providing the best insurance products in the industry. The UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company has its headquarters in the state of Minnesota.

UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company Careers

Being that the UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company has a large presence in the US, this company has a multitude of job opportunities for skilled workers available. All employees are hired by the UnitedHealth Group, the parent company of the UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company. Employees are usually hired by going online and sending their resumes, but they can also be recruited at job fairs. While applicants that have experience in the insurance industry are preferred, recent college graduates and individuals that are transitioning into the insurance sectors are also regularly hired.

The UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company has positions for US citizens as well as members of the insurance industry in other countries. Positions are now available in:

  • Human resources
  • Aviation
  • Sales
  • Information technology
  • Nursing
  • Actuarial departments

Employees of the UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company get full benefits within a few months of becoming permanent.

UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company Customer Service

Policyholders can get in contact with the UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company and make changes to their coverage a number of different ways. The UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company online customer portal allows policyholders to customize their login information in order to gain access to their policy details. From there, customers of the UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company can make online payments, shop for new insurance policies, and submit claims.

Customers that would rather speak to an employee of the UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company can send an email, call the customer service department, or mail a letter to the company. Since there is at least one location for the UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company in every state, customers can also visit the company in person.

UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company Reviews

Although the UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company is highly rated, government action has been taken by the SEC. Health care providers and government officials have voiced concerns about the company’s alleged violation of the RICO Act as well as denying medical claims without sound reason. The UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company has worked diligently to clean up its image in recent years. Hundreds of complaints have been filed with the Texas Department of Insurance against the UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company.

UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company employees have criticized the company for offering subpar medical benefits, despite it being one of the most influential insurance providers in the US. Past employees have also reported that the company tends to focus on growth and improving finances rather than satisfying policyholders. While it appears that the company is always hiring, this might be because of the high turnover.

UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company Quotes

Online quotes are offered by the UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company. The UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company website links directly to the online quote portal, where potential customers are able to compare insurance plans. Health insurance quotes can also be obtained by calling the UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company directly.

Outside insurance agents are also authorized to sell UnitedHealthcare Insurance products. Prospective clients also have the option of getting UnitedHealthcare Insurance quotes via the phone.

UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company Address

Customers can write to the UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company at:

UnitedHealthcare Insurance
185 Asylum Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06103

Customers will need to visit the UnitedHealthcare website and select their state of residence in order to get more personalized service; however, they can also call 1-877-294-1429 for general inquiries. The UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company operates 24 hours a day.

UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company Insurance Products

The UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company is best known for its wide selection of health insurance policies. Large employers, small companies, families, individuals and couples are able to select the health care plans that best suit their needs and then apply for a quote.

Insurance discount plans on prescription drugs are also available from the UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company. Typically, new insurance policies can be purchased online or over the phone, but consumers also have the ability to meet with independent insurance agents and purchase customized insurance plans.

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