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Union Central Health Insurance Company

Union Central Life Insurance Company recently became a part of UNIFI Companies, which includes:

  • Ameritas Life
  • Ameritas Life of New York
  • Acacia Life
  • Summit Investment Advisors
  • Union Central

This union is rather unique in the insurance industry as it preserves the independence of UNIFI’s member organizations. Individual company members benefit from the financial strength and growth potential afforded by this new association.

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UNIFI has its company headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska with branch offices in:

  • Wayne, Nebraska
  • New York City, New York
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Bethesda, Maryland
  • Falls Church, Virginia
  • San Antonio, Texas

UNIFI Companies insure more than 425,000 customers through the efforts of over 2,400 agent affiliates nationwide

UNIFI Companies/Ameritas Life Insurance
5900 O St
PO Box 81889
Lincoln, Nebraska 68501

Through its affiliates, UNIFI Companies offer the following products and services:

  • Life insurance and annuities
  • Long and short-term disability insurance
  • Group insurance covering dental needs, hearing and vision care and ancillary services
  • Planning for retirement
  • Investment management services and mutual funds
  • Personal bank services
  • Financing of public projects, marketing and bonding

UNIFI Ratings

Standard & Poor’s rates UNIFI as “strong, A+,” for financial strength. A.M. Best gives UNIFI its excellent, “A,” rating.

UNIFI Careers

UNIFI employs an aggressive college recruitment program to fill its professional ranks with highly qualified applicants. The company’s career page offers a full menu of information for job seekers including portals that:

  • List current job opportunities
  • Give details of UNIFI’s mission
  • Outline recruitment procedures
  • Explain corporate culture and company expectations
  • Highlight UNIFI’s extraordinary benefits program
  • Offer college internships and other recruitment incentives
  • Supply contact information

Union Central Life Insurance Company

As mentioned above, Union Central Life, while a wholly owned subsidiary of UNIFI Companies, maintains its name and individual identity as an independent insurer based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Union Central Life Insurance Company
1876 Waycross Rd
PO Box 40888
Cincinnati, Ohio 45240

The Union Central home page contains an interesting feature, as clients with annuity contracts may track the performance of all Union Life annuity programs. Two windows allow users to tract individual daily performance or the historical performance of each annuity package. Eight fixed and variable rate annuity programs are available as part of Union Central’s investment portfolio.

Union Central Insurance Products

Life insurance options include term insurance, universal life, variable universal life, and whole life programs.

Disability programs offer various benefit, waiting period, and premium options to suit most any need. Policy options also include guaranteed renewal and non-cancellation benefits. There are policies for small business owners designed to provide income continuance in cases of accident or injury. Group disability programs are available to employers, providing effective coverage for executive and professional level employees.

Annuity program options include standard fixed and variable rate options as well as indexed annuities and immediate annuity plans. The Union Central annuity page gives the visitor access to calculators and tools to help clients allocate assets for investment. As indicated earlier, the annuity page also provides up-to-the-minute market data on all Union Central investment opportunities.

Retirement plans are offered through UNIFI’s Ameritas or Ameritas New York subsidiaries. Ameritas offers a complete retirement planning and investment service that includes:

  • Design, administration, compliance, and fiduciary service
  • Motivational and educational enrollment materials
  • Highly qualified funds and investments carefully selected and monitored
  • Professional and attentive personal service

Ameritas offers both corporate and government plans. Corporate plans are based on the popular 401(k) model with several variations:

  • Safe harbor, which allows maximum contributions by highly paid employees
  • Solo plus, a simpler program for the smaller business client
  • New comparable, offering different benefits to different groups within the same company
  • Cash balance, a 401(k) variation allowing larger contributions

Government plans benefit employees by deferring taxes on contributions and earnings. Plans include:

  • 401(a), which allows specific annual monetary contributions
  • 424(h), which allows pre-tax contributions
  • 457(b) a local or state government option providing for deferral of compensation

Note: If you are a resident of New York State, retirement plan options will vary. For more information, contact an Ameritas Insurance of New York agent directly.

Union Central and Ameritas Customer Service

All retirement and investment plans are administered with the greatest care and concern for the financial well-being of each Union Central and Ameritas customer. This level of personal service sets the UNIFI Companies apart from other insurance organizations. Online tools and information as well as one-on-one agent service insure the best possible outcome for each investor client.

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