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Union Bankers Health Insurance Company

As of August 1999, Union Bankers Insurance Company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Universal American Financial Corporation. Universal American is a Fortune 500 company, currently ranked at number 401, with 2010 revenues reaching nearly $5.7 billion dollars. Universal American markets health insurance products including Medicare supplementary programs to older adults in all 50 United States and the District of Columbia.

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Union Bankers still maintains offices in Pensacola, Florida and can be reached by mail at:

Union Bankers Insurance Company
PO Box 13531
Pensacola, Florida 32591

Universal American, is the holding company for a number of independent insurance carriers including:

  • Union Bankers
  • Pennsylvania Life
  • American Pioneer
  • Constitution Life
  • American Progressive
  • Marquette National Life
  • Pyramid Life Insurance

Contact information for Universal American gives a New York address:

Universal American
6 International Dr
Rye Brook, New York 19573

Universal American Products

Universal’s portfolio, offering senior care medical coverage and Medicare supplements includes Medicare drug benefit options and the trademarked “Medicare Advantage” series of programs.

Many standard life insurance policies are also offered through the various Universal American subsidiaries. As a specialty business, Universal markets health insurance to self-employed individuals

A separate Universal website, http://www.universal-american-medicare.com/, provides users with detailed information about Universal’s many Medicare contract program options. Each distinct plan has its own website, tools, information, and forms. Available plans and options vary from state to state so it is important to enter a current zip code so you will see the plan details and options for your city and state.

Each website, for each individual plan, in each region or state provides the following comprehensive reports in detail:

  • Enrollment and qualification information for the remainder of 2011 and new information that may be required in 2012
  • Plan benefits
  • General information and forms which answer frequently asked questions, explain coverage in plain language
  • Reviews required documentation and guides the applicant through the program selection process
  • Explains authorization procedures and claim forms
  • Reviews all required notices and forms
  • Helps the applicant get started once coverage begins, finding a physician, finding medications and pharmacies and finding a clinic or hospital that extends benefits to subscribers

There is also a handy glossary of terms to aid subscribers in clearly understanding program guidelines and benefits.

Universal American Ratings

The insurance industry touchstone publication, “Best Insurance,” rates Universal with a “B++,” very good. A.M. Best gives Universal the same very good rating, “B++,” for financial strength.

Investor Information

Universal American is a publicly traded corporation and a member of the New York Stock Exchange (UAM). The investor relations page, provides comprehensive up-to-date company financial information.

Universal American News

The biggest story for Universal American, in calendar 2011, has been the sale of Universal’s Medicare Part B prescription drug business to the CVS pharmacy chain. This transaction closed at the end of April when CVS paid an estimated $1.25 billion to Universal for this segment of their Medicare insurance business.

Medicare Fraud

A major portion of Universal American’s website is devoted to the subject of Medicare fraud. Universal is committed to fighting systemic waste, fraud, and abuse in the health care industry. According to Universal, between 3 and 10 percent of our country’s total health care spending is lost, due to mismanagement and fraud.

Examples of healthcare fraud in general and Medicare fraud specifically are numerous and include:

  • Billing for products or services not provided
  • Billing for more expensive services or products than were provided
  • Billing for unnecessary services to obtain insurance payments
  • Misrepresentation
  • Overcharging a customer
  • Overbilling the insurance carrier
  • Charging for brand name pharmaceuticals but providing generic drugs
  • Shorting prescriptions and adding non authorized refills
  • Forging prescriptions
  • False claims or identity theft
  • Allowing non insured individuals access to policy holders’ benefits

Universal American asks every consumer to join the fight against these terribly wasteful practices. Consumers can protect themselves by following several simple rules:

  • Protect your insurance cards and other identification
  • Don’t give out information of a personal nature over the phone or online unless you placed the call or opened the website.
  • Be aware of thieves offering to provide “medical” services free if you give them your insurance information.
  • Examine all bills to make sure that you received all the services, drugs and other products you were billed for.

Finally, Universal American asks you to report suspected fraud. They have set up a fraud hotline at 866-684-0595. Consumers who suspect they have been the victims of fraud may also report to Universal by email, [email protected] or by regular mail:

Universal American SIU
4888 Loop Central Dr
Suite 700
Houston, Texas 77081

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2 Comments to “Union Bankers Health Insurance Company”

  1. Debra Motsinger says:

    “I have been trying to work with Union Bankers Insurance to get help with my aunt’s nursing home. She has had this policy since 1988.

    They continue to refuse coverage of her policy since she has not had or needed a hospital stay of 3 days. She has advanced dementia and cannot take care of herself or stay alone. She needs the nursing home care and to be in a secure environment, but they continue to deny her claims on her long-term care policy.

    A hospital stay would be more disorienting for her and be too damaging for her! This company had no problem taking her premiums that she paid all these years! But when she needs help they can only deny it”

  2. MSmith says:

    “Union Bankers Insurance now Constitutional Life under Universal American canceled our mother’s policy for maturing. They said, she’s 85 now and her policy was canceled.

    She has been hospitalized since September 2016 and will need more care in rehab.

    She has had the policy since 1978. They have collected her premiums for 38 years! She needs the support and her policy reinstated.”


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