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Travelers Health Insurance Company

A review of the Travelers Health Insurance Company leads to Travelers Insurance Company. While the number of health insurance products sold by Travelers Insurance is somewhat limited, there are dozens of other policies available for large-scale employers, small business owners, and individuals. First known as the Saint Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company, this insurance provider got its start in the year 1853. Today, Travelers Insurance is one of the largest insurance companies in the insurance industry.

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With nearly 15,000 insurance agents working to secure new business for the Travelers Insurance Company, this company has a presence in every state in the U.S. Insurance products offered by Travelers include:

  • Homeowners insurance
  • Auto insurance policies
  • Flood coverage
  • Insurance for special events

Travelers Insurance Company Contact Information

On the Travelers Insurance website, there are several mailing addresses and phone numbers listed for existing and potential customers. Consumers that have complaints can write to the company’s consumer affairs department in Hartford, Connecticut, while payments are to be mailed to the personal insurance department in Dallas, Texas. You can send off your general inquiries to Travelers Insurance Company via this address:

Travelers Insurance Company
8120 Penn Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55431

Customers that want to call the Travelers Insurance Company should first contact the customer advocacy department at 1-866-336-2077. From there, they can be transferred to a customer service representative that can best answer their questions.

Travelers Insurance Company Insurance Products

Workers compensation coverage and accidental death insurance is sold by the Travelers Insurance Company. As of now, there are no primary health insurance policies offered. Professionals working in the real estate, legal, accounting and other private sectors can purchase customized liability insurance policies from Travelers Insurance Company. Some of Travelers’ services include risk control assessments as well as structured educational and training programs designer to lower insurance risks.

Business owners, executives, and department heads also can purchase insurance products from the Travelers Insurance Company that are designed to help mitigate potential financial liabilities. Accidental death coverage and worker’s compensation insurance policies are usually sold to companies that work in high-risk industries such as construction and manufacturing.

Travelers Insurance Company Career Opportunities

The Travelers Insurance Company is one of the first businesses in the insurance sector to introduce career training, networking and recruiting programs with social media. This allows job seekers as well as existing employees to better connect to the Travelers Insurance Company on a more intimate level. In addition, college students and recent college graduates can work with the Travelers Insurance Company several different ways. Through both internships and entry-level positions, students and recent graduates are able to get started on their careers in the insurance industry right away.

There are also videos and literature about careers at the Travelers Insurance Company available online. Job seekers can look for open positions via the Travelers Insurance Company job search portal, submit their resumes and saved jobs for which they are interested. The Travelers Insurance Company offers generous benefits packages that include:

  • Full medical coverage
  • Supplementary insurance policies
  • Tuition assistance
  • Optional programs designed to enhance the quality of their employees’ lives

Travelers Insurance Company Insurance Agents

Working as an independent insurance agent for the Travelers Insurance Company requires you to have at least a few years of experience as well as having access to database of prospective clients. Insurance agents that are a part of an established agency have a much better chance of being appointed by the Travelers Insurance Company.

An online application must be submitted before independent insurance agents and brokers are considered for appointment by the Travelers Insurance Company. Agents can elect to sell commercial insurance products or policies designed for individuals and businesses.

Travelers Insurance Company Reviews

The Travelers Insurance Company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and maintains an A rating. Although nearly 300 complaints were filed with the BBB against the Travelers Insurance Company in the last few years, it is important to note that this is a very large company.

Some consumer review based websites have rated the Travelers Insurance Company highly while others include complaints about insurance claims. Employees working at the Travelers Insurance Company generally approve of upper management and seem to be largely satisfied with their jobs.

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