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Tonik Health Insurance Company

The Tonik Health Insurance Company offers three basic health insurance plans. People who are looking for affordable health insurance look to a company like Tonik; but that does not guarantee that they are the right choice for you. Consider this and other options before you make this call. Tonik Health Insurance is offered through Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and BC Life and Health (click here to read the Blue Cross Blue Shield Review and click here to read the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Review). Policyholders are able to access these companies’ health care provider networks. This company makes it easy for new customers to apply for coverage. Rather than filling out paper application forms and submitting them, Tonik offers online applications.

A person interested in applying for health insurance with Tonik can find out whether their application is accepted instantly or within a few days. The company doesn’t ask for medical records to determine whether to offer coverage to an applicant. By making it easy for consumers to research its plans and apply for coverage, Tonik is responding to the market’s need for health insurance that is easy to get. Along with medical insurance, the health insurance plans offered by Tonik include dental and vision coverage.

Read through this Tonik health insurance review, take a look at the various customer reviews of Tonik Insurance left at the bottom of this article, and then enter your zip code into the free tool on the side of this page to compare health quotes from top health insurance providers in your local area.

Thrill-Seeker Plan from Tonik

The Tonik Thrill Seeker Plan offers rates low rates with a high annual deductible of $5,000. The Thrill-Seeker is a Preferred Provider Organization plan, which means that plan subscribers get a higher level of benefits when they seek treatment from health care providers who have signed up to be part of the network. This coverage option doesn’t include maternity benefits, but plan members are only required to pay $20 for visits to the doctor. A limit of four visits per year is covered under the plan.

For other services covered under the policy, once you have paid your annual deductible, the cost is fully covered. Overnight hospital stays are also covered at 100 percent after the deductible is met each year. Costs of surgical procedures, laboratory tests, doctors’ fees and anesthesia are included.

The Part-Time Daredevil Plan from Tonik

The Tonik Part Time Daredevil Plan has a $3,000 annual deductible. Like the Thrill-Seeker option, it doesn’t include maternity benefits. Plan members pay $30 for an office visit with their doctor, with a maximum of four visits per calendar year. If you need to see the doctor more often than that, you will be responsible for the full cost of the doctor’s fee until you reach your annual deductible of $3,000.

Once you have paid your deductible, the cost of services like x-rays, blood tests, and anesthesia is fully covered. Preventive care services, such as check-ups, x-rays and lab work performed in the doctor’s office are also covered at 100 percent once you have paid your deductible. The plan also provides benefits for physiotherapy, chiropractic care and covers the full cost of up to 12 visits (in or out of the network) once you have met the deductible.

The Calculated Risk-Taker Plan from Tonik

Tonik also offers a plan with a $1,500 deductible per year called the Tonik Calculated Risk Taker Plan. Health care is provided by doctors and hospitals that have opted in to be part of the company’s network. Subscribers get the benefit of lower costs for their health care needs.

With the Calculated Risk-Taker plan, subscribers pay $40 for an office visit. There is no limit to the number of visits that can be scheduled in a calendar year, but the $40 fee doesn’t count toward your annual deductible or the limit for out-of-pocket expenses for the year. Once you meet your deductible, the full cost of preventive care, surgical, physiotherapy, occupational therapy or chiropractic care is covered.

Tonik Dental Plans

The deductible for dental plans from Tonik is a low $25, and the annual maximum benefit is $500. Preventive care, such as check-ups and x-rays are covered under the plan, which pays according to schedule for in-network care. Fillings are covered at a rate of 20 percent after you meet your annual deductible. For people who would like a higher level of dental coverage, Tonik offers an enhanced dental plan.

Tonik Vision Coverage

Plan subscribers are reimbursed $50 toward the cost of eye exams. Subscribers who need glasses or contact lenses are covered for $50 of the cost of these items as well. Sunglasses are included in the plan’s benefits as well.

Other Benefits for Tonik Plan Members

Tonik has joined forces with companies offering products and services from the health and wellness industries. Subscribers can save when they join Jenny Craig or WeightWatchers, buy fitness center memberships, contact lenses, and child safety products from Safe Beginnings.

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