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The Lewer Agency Health Insurance

The Lewer Agency is a company that underwrites health insurance for domestic students, international students, and small businesses. Under the Lewer umbrella, The Lewer Agency and the Lewer Life Insurance Agency take care of individual and business insurance demands. In addition to their offices in the United States, the company also operates The Lewer Insurance Agency, Inc. and Sainte-Marie Lewer out of Canada.

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LewerMark Health Insurance Plans

The LewerMark health insurance plans are offered at various colleges and universities across the nation. The plan contains various PPOs, Preferred Provider Organizations, with insurance companies like CIGNA, Multiplan, and Beech Street. LewerMark underwrites the policies through these providers to ensure that its coverage through participating doctors and hospitals provide quality healthcare to policyholders.

The PPO network includes coverage under the GWH-CIGNA insurance plans. Policyholders can find participating providers by clicking on the link provided on the website. You have the ability to search by name, specialty, or medical diagnosis. You can also save your search to return to it at a later date.

The PHCS, also known as the Multiplan, whose customer service department can be reached at (800) 922-2277, also provides a list of participating providers on the website. There are various networks under the PHCS, so the participating physicians vary per plan.

The Beech Street plan provides a list of providers, but the list is different depending on the plan you are currently enrolled in. You can search by plan, location, doctor name, or facility.

LewerMark International Students

LewerMark offers insurance to international students who are coming to the United States to study abroad. There are the LewerMark Copay Plans, LewerMark Deductible Plans, and the LewerMark J Preferred Plans. Coverage per accident or sickness, annual and lifetime maximums, copays, and woman well check coverage all vary under the three different plans. Additional information can be found on the website for review.

LewerMark Quotes

LewerMark quotes can be obtained by the school administrator who in turn will offer the insurance to the international students. By filling out the information provided, a LewerMark representative will contact you at his or her earliest convenience.

LewerMark Clinics

LewerMark is in an agreement with Walgreens Take Care Health and the CVS Minute Clinic to provide services to individuals under the LewerMark healthcare plans.

LewerMark Pharmacies

In order to find participating LewerMark pharmacies you can use a search engine on the company’s website. Simply input your address, city, state, and zip code into the designated fields for all available pharmacies. If you are looking for a particular pharmacy or one that is open 24 hours, you can select these options as well.

LewerMark Study Abroad Policies

LewerMark Study Abroad Policies cover U.S. students studying abroad. There are two different plans, which differ depending on coverage for accident and illness, annual maximums, and deductibles. A table defining the policy coverage can be viewed on the website.

LewerMark Claims

Should you need to file a claim with LewerMark, claim forms are available online to download. You can fax your claim to (816) 960-7064 or email the forms to [email protected].

If you would like information regarding your claim, you can call customer service at (800) 821-7710.

LewerMark Customer Service

One way in which LewerMark provides customer service is by providing a 24-hour hotline with a live nurse to answer any questions policyholders may have regarding their health. Nurses who speak over 150 languages are available for assistance.

LewerWorks Policies

LewerWorks is the health care division for small group employees. The health care plan offered is known as Lewer Value Med, which is available to employers with at least five employees. Under the LewerWorks Value Med Plan, policyholders receive coverage through a contract with Beech Street PPO Network.

Through Beech Street, you can see a physician six times a year, receive well checks, and participate in the prescription drug coverage. In addition to these benefits, surgical and hospital coverage is included, but varies depending on which of the three plans you are enrolled.

Student Select Insurance Plan

The Lewer Agency also offers a plan for students who are graduating and are not yet covered under an employer’s plan or for students who are interning and are not covered under their “employers” plans. It is a short-term policy contracted through Assurant Health, and interested individuals can apply for coverage by clicking on the link provided.

The Lewer Agency Contact Information

The Lewer Agency is based out of Kansas City, Missouri at the following address:

4534 Wornall Road
Kansas City, MO 64111

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2 Comments to “The Lewer Agency Health Insurance”

  1. Timothy Hubbs says:

    I’ve got this Insurance through my job, all it serves is more of a health insurance discount that’s all its good for. When I can I’m going to drop this so called wannabe company. It’s just taking my money out of my check and for what you might ask? They need better coverage too. Thanks.

  2. Annonimous says:

    “Horrible insurance. Costumer service always rude and never willing to help. They show zero consideration for international students and their coverage is such a joke. I have never been humiliated and treated so bad like I have been treated by the employees from that insurance.

    So, I recommend that no one join their plans, since we get no useful coverage and we can’t even get our prescription paid in full… such a waste of my money and it was super overpriced.”


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