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The Hartford Health Insurance

Dino Christoforakis
Dino Christoforakis

Editor in Chief & Licensed Insurance Agent.

The Hartford has been in existence since 1810. The company has expanded greatly over the years and offers insurance internationally as well as in the United States. The Hartford Health Insurance is available to individuals of companies that are required to insure their retired employees. The Hartford also offers short-term and long-term disability coverage.

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The Hartford Health Care Plan

The Hartford health care plan covers those expenses not covered by Medicare, assists in the payment of Medicare co-payments and Medicare deductibles.

There are various plans depending on the amount of employees. The smaller plans are offered to companies with a minimum of two individuals. Larger plans are tailored to meet retired employees of literally thousands. Essentially, The Hartford will customize a plan for companies that have at least 100 retired employees.

Eligibility is for retired individuals and their spouses. The only requirement is that they be Medicare eligible and at least 65 years of age or older. Enrollment times vary depending on when the employee retires.

Each plan differs in its prescription coverage, and policyholders can receive medication through mail order or retail providers. The prescription plan works in conjunction with Medicare Part D and covers generic as well as name brand.

In addition, there are no constraints regarding which doctors or hospitals policyholders visit.

The Hartford Agents

The Hartford agents are available across the United States. You can find an agent near you by clicking on the map on the website. By clicking on your state, a list of agents will appear with their address, phone number, and email address. You can also see what type of insurance the agent sells.

The Hartford Claims Process

The Hartford processes its claims with exceptionally trained individuals. For example, if the claim is a short-term disability claim, a nurse will be responsible for the claim. Part of his or her job is to work directly with the doctor’s office to design and organize the plan of treatment. If the claim is for long-term disability, The Hartford assists in processing the necessary paperwork to ensure the claimant receives any Social Security benefits due to them.

The Hartford claims are all processed electronically by the physician’s office. However, any claims questions can be answered by calling 1-800-303-9744 or 1-800-678-6702. Policyholders can also file claims not processed by the provider by calling this number.

Policyholders can also file short-term and long-term disability claims online or by email. A claims status can be checked online, and most claim decisions are made within eight days.

The Hartford Customer Service

The Hartford provides online access to its policyholders where they have access to track their claims, set up direct deposits, view payments and applications, and download various insurance forms.

There is also a frequently asked question section to assist policyholders. You can learn how to see the status of your payments and pay bills. Policyholders can learn how to see which claims office is processing the policyholder’s claims, what the status of the claim is, and policyholder’s benefits. Employers can also learn how to remove retired employees from their insurance.

Another way in which The Hartford cares about its policyholders is that the company is very interested in what its policyholders have to say. In fact, there is a section on the website dedicated to customer feedback. Simply fill out and submit an email to The Hartford, so that they can respond back to you if necessary.

The Hartford Community Involvement

The Hartford supports its community by helping to sponsor the U.S. Paralympics.

The Hartford Careers

The Hartford provides career opportunities on its website. The website displays job openings and benefits. Interested individuals can search jobs by type or location.

The Hartford Contact Information

Individuals can contact The Hartford by mail at:

P.O. Box 2999
Hartford, CT 06104-2999

The Hartford can be reached by phone at 877-223-9782 or by email on the provided form on the company’s website. Simply fill out your personal information including name, address, email, phone number, and message.

The Hartford Reviews

The Hartford has received many rewards and recognitions. For example, they are considered one of the “Most Ethical Companies” and one of the top employers by the “Careers & The Disabled Magazine.” A.M. Best rates the Hartford “A.”

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