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Texas International Health Insurance Company

A search for Texas International Health Insurance Company leads to Texas Life Insurance Company. Texas Life is the oldest permanent life insurance in Texas, having the very first charter number in Texas. They offer life insurance options for a business to extend to employees through payroll deductions.

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Texas Life was deemed one of the top four providers of annualized premiums for voluntary permanent life insurance by LIMRA, a consulting and business development company. Texas Life was rated 3rd in 2009 and 2nd in 2010 by LIMRA. The company specializes in and is well known for their voluntary permanent life insurance packages. They strive to provide excellent customer services and peace of mind to “be there” for their clients.

Texas Life History

Started in 1901, Texas Life was in business before there was a state insurance department to oversee it. Originally selling insurance in Oklahoma and Texas, the company sells insurance in 49 states and Washington DC. Only New York does not benefit from Texas Life’s years of experience. The company’s headquarters are located in Waco, Texas.

Texas Life Products

Texas Life specializes in voluntary permanent life insurance. This life insurance is offered to employees through an employer, but it has many benefits over a group life insurance plan.

First, a voluntary permanent life insurance plan goes with the employee after retiring, protecting you during the time when you would most likely need it- after retirement.

It also offers employees a way to make decisions about financial planning without being confined to a group plan, such as adding children or grandchildren to the permanent life insurance plan.

Lastly, it alleviates paperwork and processing for a company’s financial departments.

Texas Life Ratings

A.M. Best, a respected credit and financial rating agency for the insurance industry, rated the company at an A, or Excellent. The rating shows that, in A.M. Best’s research-based opinion, the company has the financial strength to remain solvent and responsible in an undesirable economy. The rating was upgraded to the A in 2011.

The Better Business Bureau rated Texas Life as an A+ company. That is the top rating that the BBB gives for a company’s customer complaint resolution record. The company had a total of four complaints lodged with the BBB in the last four years; all four were resolved to the satisfaction of the BBB.

The Texas Department of Insurance shows that the company has had only one complaint filed with the department in the last three years.

Texas Life Company Finances

The Texas Department of Insurance lists Texas Life’s financial information for the previous three years. In 2010, the company’s total assets were over $779 million; the company’s total assets have grown by an average of $57 million a year for the past three years.

Premiums from Texas have grown each reported year, with a $5 million increase from 2009 to end 2010 at over $61 million in Texas premiums. National premiums have grown from over $134 million in 2008 to over $165 million in 2010.

The company’s growth, especially during such times of economic troubles, shows that Texas Life is on strong financial footing and will be able to honor their financial responsibilities in the future.

Texas Life Customer Service

The company’s website has many options to meet clients’ customer service needs. There are eleven printable documents for clients to change addresses and beneficiaries, set up a bank draft, or apply for a loan from a policy, to name a few. The website also allows a customer to pay premiums.

Careers at Texas Life

The company offers a needed product that they feel passionately about; it is an insurance that will maintain a family’s way of life. They give their employees and agents a great product with selling features, assistance through electronic billing systems and competitive commissions. Anyone wishing for more information about becoming an agent for Texas Life can call or email the company.

Contact Texas Life

The company can be reached by mail at:

PO Box 830
900 Washington Ave.
Waco, Texas 76703

Toll-free phone number: 1-800-283-9233

Extensions and fax numbers for particular departments are available on the Contact Us page of the company’s website. There is also a link on the Contact Us page that leads to a fill-in form that can be sent electronically to contact specific departments at Texas Life.

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