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Starr Health & Liability Insurance Company

This review is for the Starr Health & Liability Insurance Company. Starr Indemnity & Liability Company, also known as simply Starr Indemnity, offers unique and customer casualty insurance and property insurance products to business and individual customers. Starr Indemnity has been given an A rating, considered “excellent,” by the A.M. Best Company. Stat Indemnity is a subsidiary of its parent company Starr International USA Inc.

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The parent company is Starr Companies. Starr Companies is made up of the C.V. Starr & Co., Inc. and Starr International USA, Inc.

Starr Companies has nearly 30 offices worldwide, and provides businesses and organizations with complete protection of assets and risk management.

Starr International USA Inc. has two other companies that are part of its operations. Starr Surplus Lines Insurance Company, also known as Starr Surplus Lines, has many products available to the Surplus and Excess markets.

The other company is Starr Syndicate Limited, which is part of Lloyd’s Syndicate. Starr Syndicate Limited has more than £365 million in assets and specializes in technical risk property.

Starr Indemnity focuses its insurance operations on retail, industrial, commercial and government companies, and only offers coverage in the United States.

Starr Indemnity offers several different health, medical and accident insurance products through the Starr Accident and Health Company.

Starr Health & Liability Insurance Company Locations

The main office of Starr Indemnity is located at:

399 Park Avenue
New York City, New York

Primary phone number: Starr Indemnity is 646-227-6400

Email address: [email protected].

Starr Health & Liability Insurance Company Products

The main provider of insurance coverage for Starr Indemnity is Starr Accident and Health. Starr Accident and Health offers many different insurance products, and classifies the coverage into three main divisions. These include consumer markets, corporate markets, and specialty risks.

The consumer markets division of Starr Accident and Health includes large banks, other financial institutions, and large corporate credit card companies. In addition, Starr Accident and Health covers affinity and association programs, as well as Unions.

The corporate market division handles mostly medium to large organizations, as well as businesses that require travel protection for their employees.

Finally, the specialty risks division handles any K-12 school district, non-for-profit companies, and churches. In addition, college and university sports teams, as well as youth sports camps and programs can be covered through the specialty risks division of Starr Accident and Health.

In addition, Starr Accident and Health also offers specific medical products, including:

  •  Accidental death and dismemberment for individuals and groups
  • Accidental death and dismemberment with an additional general liability component
  • Accident insurance for travelers
  • Critical illness coverage with coverage for any medical expenses
  • Short-term medical coverage with an additional product for any accident expenses

Other products offered through Starr Accident and Health includes a blanket insurance product that covers certain accidents and special risk populations.

This includes students of all ages, whether it is an accident or a sickness, as well as college sports teams and athletes, as well as youth sports teams.

Starr Indemnity also offers several other insurance products, including:

  • Aviation insurance
  • Marine insurance
  • Excess liability
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Construction

Starr Health & Liability Insurance Company Careers

A detailed webpage on the Starr Indemnity & Liability Company home page contains all the information necessary to look for and apply for jobs within the company.

If you are interested in a position with the company, you can search through the different openings. Searches can be done either by the specific location of the Starr Indemnity & Liability Company office, or by the department that the job is located within. Examples of positions include:

  •  Accounting
  • Claims
  • Administrative support
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Information technology

In addition, Starr Indemnity & Liability Company gives you the ability to create a profile where you can save your cover letter and resume and apply for different positions.

Finally, if there are no current job openings that meet your skills, qualifications and interest, you can simply send your resume and cover letter, and Starr Indemnity & Liability Company will keep your information on file and match it with a future position if one becomes available.

It is recommended, however, that if you are interested in a position with Starr Indemnity & Liability Company that you apply for a specific job, especially if there are several openings within the company.

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6 Comments to “Starr Health & Liability Insurance Company”

  1. M.K. says:

    “Half a year after signing up for their short-term insurance, I had a double hernia during some physical work. Surgery followed. Four months after they were billed by the doctors and anesthesiologist’s offices, they informed me that it was still pending payment. Come to find that they were attempting an investigation for it as a pre-existing condition, which it obviously was not!

    So, they started trying to search for anything they could find, asking for five years of medical records. They totally screwed that up, and I had to assist them with it. Further, even when records had been faxed, they failed to record them on my file or scan them in their system.

    So, I re-sent some of them and provided dates that offices had sent records to them. Still not finding anything they could use against my claim, they asked for more information!!! Obviously, they were hoping to deny the claim! These guys are crooks.

    I have filed a complaint with my state’s insurance commissioner’s office, and will be filing one with the State Attorney General.”

  2. p.s. says:

    “Twice they charged me for a one time fee to enroll and later admitted it was not an enrollment fee but an add-on online fitness tool. I had to fight to get the charges removed.

    Now, I found they have added on a fee for a”” Doctor on call”” feature which I never asked for nor was I ever offered . They claim this was only in the last two months but my premium has dropped by about 40 dollars and so I think I have been Paying this option all along and I am really mad.”

  3. JJP says:

    “Amen to the above reviews by these people.These guys are straight up telemarketing pond scum!

    I was inquiring about a potential policy and ended up with their floor manager on a debating debacle which because I wouldn’t tie up my cash to “”hold”” the policy I had to tersely end. What a joke. The sales agent was actually fairly decent and honestly felt about bad for him.

    These guys are corporate clowns all the way and more of the problem as opposed to the solution.

    Steer Clear.”

  4. William Masterson says:

    “Had a 6-month short-term policy with no claims filed. Took out an annual policy and 3 months later, discovered I had cancer. Star placed my case on review searching for pper-existing condition.

    They wanted my medical records for the previous 5 years. I had to acquire these records myself as Star kept saying they weren’t receiving my records. I would fax them but they couldn’t find them. They had no fax machine as every fax came into their system much like an email and delivery of said email(fax) could take weeks to be routed to the appropriate department.

    They finally got tired of my weekly phone calls and refused to accept any more faxes. I then had to mail all medical records into them. I was then told, mail is received and then transcribed (which could take weeks) into the computer, which is the same as a fax received, and then the process of receiving the fax and delays of getting it to the proper dept. resurfaces.

    My bills mounted to a sum of $300,000.00 with all the Chemo and Radiation, not to mention two surgeries to have a port installed in my vein, and a feeding tube in my stomach. My policy was due to run out in jan., 2013. They cancelled or rescinded my policy in Dec. 2012. The reason given was I had a back injury in 2010, none of which had anything to do with my cancer(neck and throat cancer).

    This company sucks. I now have an attorney and a court date in April 2014. If you have similar problems with this company I’d like to hear from yo at [email protected].

    You can’t imagine (or maybe you can) the pain, suffering, frustration, and stress that star indemnity has put me and my wife through. We take out insurance to protect us in case of disasters like cancer, but the real disaster was what this insurance co has done to us.

    Now I’m dealing with astronomical debt. Owing umpteen different Drs and hospitals and having to deal with their financial depts and all this time having to deal with all the thoughts of what cancer is doing to your body and mind. Plus what effects cancer has on ones family and friends. The most stressful experience of my life, only to be escalated by one insurance co.”

  5. Samantha DeVol says:

    “Hello, I am the victim of a rear end accident involving a company vehicle insured by this company over the holidays. My vehicle was totaled and both drivers went to hospitals after this accident.
    I write this as a last resort to contact this company. I have not been able to acquire hardly any information from the police report, the company who rear ended my vehicle, or Starr Indemnity & Liabilities.
    I have not been able to receive a rental vehicle, retrieve information for purposes of ER, doctors visits, or prescriptions. I have not been able to work full time due to emotional, physical, and transportation reasons; nor was I able to prepare Christmas and New Years Eve events properly for my soon to be Step Children or any other family members.
    I have talked to a few employees from the company who is insured by this company who have stated that they too are still waiting for information from this insurance company.
    Every time I call this company, whoever I speak with gives me the run around and about four different numbers to call. Today, I called and was given another number, when I called no one picked up. When the voicemail came to, it said that person how too many voicemails on their answering machine for me to leave a message! Called the first person back and was almost immediately sent to voicemail! This is ridiculous, this is not how the real world does business! I simply wish to be contacted by someone from this company so that we can work this out in the most reasonable and efficient way possible and yet I am stuck here without a vehicle, not able to work, and doctor bills…”

  6. L. Galarza says:

    DO NOT USE STARR INDEMNITY. Cannot speak about health plan other than travel insurance portion, It stinks. 1/3 paid claim is not a paid claim Talks about integrity but does not pay claims. Fighting in court costs more than claim is worth and to Starr’s advantage.


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