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Starnet Health Insurance Company

This health insurance review is for the Starnet Health Insurance Company. Starnet Insurance is a subsidiary of the W.R. Berkley Company, a commercial insurance provider. The Starnet Insurance Company offers several different types of insurance, and is considered a reinsurance company, but does not offer any type of health insurance product, for either businesses or individuals. If you are looking for health insurance coverage, you must contact another insurance company or independent agent.

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Starnet Health Insurance Company Locations

The Starnet Insurance Company is located at:

475 Steamboat Road
Greenwich, Connecticut
Main phone number: 203-542-3800

In addition, Berkley Aviation, the subsidiary that writes insurance policies for Starnet Insurance, is located at:

1101 Anacapa Street, Suite 200
Santa Barbara, California
Main phone number: 805-898-7640

This is also considered the corporate office of W.R. Berkley Company. In addition, W.R. Berkley has offices located across the United States as well as in many foreign countries including South America, Canada and Australia.

Starnet Health Insurance Company Products

There are many different insurance companies that are part of the W.R. Berkley Group. The different insurance products offered include:

  • Specialty insurance
  • Reinsurance
  • Regional insurance
  • Alternative markets insurance
  • International insurance
  • Service operations insurance

Starnet Insurance Company only specializes in reinsurance, and does not offer any health insurance products. However, a subsidiary of Starnet Insurance does offer health insurance coverage, and that company is the Berkley Accident and Health Company.

Founded in 2005, Berkley Accident and Health will customize specific insurance products depending on their customers’ wants and needs. Berkley Accident and Health has an excellent grasp of the medical field, and uses this knowledge to help businesses achieve their insurance goals.

There are four different segments of health insurance offered through Berkley Accident and Health. These include:

  • Stop Loss
  • Group Captive
  • Managed Care
  • Special Risk

Employers that are looking for catastrophic health coverage for their employers could benefit from the Stop Loss segment. Any size companies can utilize the Stop Loss coverage, as well as companies that have a self-funded insurance program.

Smaller companies that employ between 50 and 400 employers can insure through the Group Captive Division. This coverage allows these companies to offer insurance to employees at a more affordable cost than typical medical plans.

Certain organizations that specialize in managed care, Health Maintenance Organizations, and professionals working in the medical field can insure through the Managed Care division.

Finally, schools districts, colleges, and other educational institutions can insure with the Special Risk division to provide coverage to students, sports teams and full accident and disaster coverage for daycares, recreational sport leagues and groups that involve youths.

The Role of Starnet Health Insurance Company

Although Starnet Insurance Company does not offer health insurance coverage, the company is part of Berkley Aviation, an insurance provider that specializes in aviation.

Founded in 2005, Berkley Aviation offers underwriting services for Starnet Insurance Coverage. The services provided include:

  • Helicopters
  • Airplanes
  • Control towers
  • Financial institutions
  • Airports airline equipment
  • Airlines that are leased

Starnet Insurance Company only insures domestically through Berkley Aviation. However, Starnet Insurance is able to offer insurance products in all 50 states.

Starnet Health Insurance Company Reviews

Starnet Insurance Company has earned a rating of A+ for its financial strength from the A.M. Best Company. There is no listing of Starnet Insurance Company on the Better Business Bureau website.

Starnet Health Insurance Company Careers

The W.R. Berkley home page offers a direct link to available careers with the company. There is no specific job search tool for the entire company, but each of the W.R. Berkley subsidiaries are listed with either a link to the careers page or a contact person

Some of the companies provide a link to another career page, with benefits, employment openings, details about the company, and more. Other companies simply have an address, phone number and contact person with an email.

In the case of Starnet Insurance Company, there is no direct listing. However, Berkley Aviation does have a contact person and phone number. If you are interested in applying for a position with Berkley Aviation or Starnet Insurance Company, call the main phone number or send an email with your resume.

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