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Starbridge Health Insurance Company

Dino Christoforakis
Dino Christoforakis

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Starbridge Health Insurance Company is an organization that helps individuals with everyday medical expenses. They specialize in everyday needs such as the flu, a sprain, minor illnesses, or broken bones. Their plans are not comprehensive so they should not be relied upon in place of a full major medical health insurance plan, but they do provide for the most common needs that arise in families and individuals.

Starbridge provides medical plans through CIGNA Health Care (click here to read the full CIGNA Health Insurance Review article). These plans provide up to 40% in discounts when you see providers within the network. Plans also cover doctor’s visits, prescriptions, wellness visits, urgent care visits, x-rays, and lab tests. Seeing a doctor outside the network is possible, but there will be more out of pocket expense. It is important to note that the Starbridge health plans are just discount plans and not true health insurance like a regular CIGNA health insurance plan.

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Cheap Starbridge Health Plans

Many hard working Americans are going without health insurance because it is not offered through their job and they fear it is too expensive to find an individual plan. While this may not the case, see the rate quote tool above, Starbridge’s main goal is to be able to provide hard working Americans with affordable coverage for everyday medical needs such as those listed above. They do this through different plans.

Starbridge recognizes that there are many struggling Americans who try to treat medical needs with over the counter medicines because they don’t have prescription coverage. Also, Starbridge conducted an independent study that showed many individuals use the emergency room for even minor needs because they cannot find a physician without insurance. Through Starbridge’s plans, individuals will be able to find quality care at affordable prices.

The two plans offered through Starbridge are Plan 171 and Plan 371. Each plan provides for medical, dental, short-term disability, term life, and in hospital cash. Plan 371 offers slightly more savings to members, but is more expensive for employers. Plan 171 offers slightly less savings, but is more affordable for employers.

The medical coverage includes outpatient hospital benefits such as outpatient surgery, urgent care, x-rays, and doctor office visits. For doctor’s visits, a $15 co-pay is required and then Starbridge covers the rest up to a maximum benefit of $1,500 per year. For additional outpatient services, a deductible is required. Deductibles range from $100-$2,500.

Once you meet the deductible, Starbridge covers a percentage of the rest. This is called co-insurance. For example, after you meet your deductible, 20% of the remaining bill is paid by you and 80% of the remaining bill is paid by Starbridge. Using someone within the network will give an additional discount up to 40% prior to the deductible being paid.

Starbridge Dental Plans

Starbridge dental coverage uses a discount and reimbursement system to offer coverage. Coverage is provided for exams, X-rays, extractions, fillings, and treatment for gum disease. Each of these services will receive a discount and a reimbursement with a small amount being paid out of pocket. For example, a $36 cleaning will receive a $12 discount and a $17 reimbursement. This leaves only $7 in out of pocket expense.

Starbridge Disability Plans

Short term disability is for unexpected disabilities that happen at home or at work. These plans vary in how they are paid out and the monthly premium that is required. For example some plans give a monthly amount for 18 months starting the day after the disability. Other plans offer a weekly amount for up to 26 weeks starting the day after the disability. This cover is optional and not an automatic part of the plans.

Starbridge Hospital Cash Plans

The in-hospital cash plan is a unique optional plan that offers cash when a hospital stay occurs. The plan requires a small monthly premium but in exchange for this you will get $1,000 for one yearly hospital stay. In addition to this, you will receive $100 per pay up to 100 days. This money can be used however you need. It does not have to be used for medical expenses. It can be applied to bills and daily expenses.

Starbridge Term Life Insurance

The last part of the optional coverage is term life insurance. Starbridge offers coverage for funeral expenses and lump sum payments to beneficiaries. This is an optional plan that can be added to the medical and dental plan. Coverage in the amount of $10,000 per employee, $5,000 per spouse, and $2,000 per child is supplied under this plan.

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