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CIGNA Health Insurance Company

Dino Christoforakis
Dino Christoforakis

Editor in Chief & Licensed Insurance Agent.

The CIGNA Health Insurance Company has been providing insurance to companies and individuals since 1792. This is a considerably long time for an insurance company to provide services to their customers and it shows that CIGNA, as a health insurance company, is going to be around for a lot longer. What’s more, CIGNA Health Insurance Company is the oldest investor/stock holder owned health insurance company in the world.

CIGNA Health Insurance Plan Options

Whether you are considering purchasing health insurance, dental insurance or a simple prescription plan, CIGNA offers many health insurance options. This guide will help you to determine if this provider is right for you. With the years of service that CIGNA has been offering to their customers you can feel confident that any purchase made from CIGNA will be a good one. You can also feel confident in the fact that if you purchase coverage from CIGNA you will not find yourself in a position where you do not have the coverage that you need. CIGNA will pay your medical bills and they will not fight you during the process.

CIGNA and the Importance of Comprehensive Health Insurance

Health insurance is a very important aspect of today’s society. Those people without health insurance often find that either they have to go without medical care or they incur hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of medical bills because they could not go without care. Neither of these choices are particularly good ones and with the variety of affordable healthcare options offered by CIGNA and other healthcare companies, there is no reason for anyone to forgo the healthcare coverage that they need. Whether you are a low-income family or have a middle to upper income level, you need to make the decision to purchase healthcare coverage to protect you and your loved ones.

Compare CIGNA Health Insurance Quotes

CIGNA, as well as other health insurance companies, offer a variety of healthcare plan options. Each plan will vary, and quite truthfully, some will be better than others will in regards to flexibility; however, the more flexible the plan the more expensive it becomes. What you can afford to pay will be a big determination as to what kind of health insurance you will purchase. Comparing rates between plans and insurance companies by using the free rate tool at the top of the page will help you to determine what kind of insurance you can afford to purchase.

CIGNA  HMO’s vs. PPO’s

While Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO’s) were once the main choice for low-income families, many have found that a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), while slightly more expensive, offers more flexibility at an affordable rate. HMO’s require you to choose a primary care physician and do not cover care outside of a network while PPO’s provides you with a network but pay a portion of your costs should you choose a doctor outside of your network. Typically, you pay a co-pay each time you visit your doctor, hospital or pay for a prescription.

CIGNA Indemnity Health Insurance Plans

The most expensive option for health insurance plans is typically an indemnity plan. That is because you have the flexibility to visit any doctor you want to and any specialist or facility that you choose. The flexibility is expensive because, while HMO’s and PPO’s regulate how much a doctor’s visit can cost, an indemnity does not (however, some indemnity plans offer only very limited benefits and are much cheaper than the more comprehensive plans).

You can lower indemnity rates by choosing limited plans (such as only doctor’s visits or only hospital visits type plan) or by choosing higher deductible. Most indemnity plans have a maximum deductible allowance and you can find out the maximums from a variety of insurance companies by speaking to an independent agent.

CIGNA Health Insurance and Pre-Existing Conditions

Another thing to consider when choosing the right health insurance plan and company is whether you have a pre-existing condition. CIGNA has their own set of rules about pre-existing conditions and it will likely not be the same as what another insurer will offer. When speaking to your CIGNA health insurance agent, make sure to ask about any pre-existing condition exclusions or limitations.

Some insurance companies require a waiting period of up to 18 months before they are willing to treat your pre-existing condition and if you have diabetes or heart disease, you cannot afford to wait over a year to have your condition treated. Make sure that you are choosing a plan that allows you to see your doctor immediately about any pre-existing conditions.

CIGNA Health and Wellness Program

Companies like CIGNA offer incentive plans for being healthy as well. CIGNA offers the CIGNA Health and Wellness Program, which provides tips for living healthy and support groups as well. They also provide weight loss tips and tracking devices and offer a discount if you successfully complete certain programs they offer. Ask your independent representatives if the insurance companies that you are considering offer any incentive programs for getting healthy, any discount offered is one that you should take advantage of, especially during these tough economic times.

Compare CIGNA Health Insurance Plans

While CIGNA is a well-known and well-established health insurance company, they are not the only good medical insurance company available to you. Take the time to use our free quote tool found that the top of the page and compare CIGNA with other reputable health insurance providers.

Talking to an independent representative is free as well and they are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding the quotes you receive and the health insurance options that you have.

Whether you already have health insurance, or you are purchasing it for the first time, knowing your options and doing everything you can to save money is well worth your time. Why not use the free quote tool at the top of the page and get some rates from top companies now?

Free Health Insurance Comparison

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