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Security Benefit Health Insurance Company

Security Benefit Health Insurance Company doesn’t actually exist. If you are looking for health insurance, MGA Healthcare Staffing is a wonderful provider that has focused its efforts on providing the west coast of the United States with impeccable coverage. The ultimate goal of MGA is to provide healthcare, beyond current insurance standards, and to help preserve the quality of the health insurance in these change times.

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MGA is centrally located in Phoenix, Arizona; however, they have regional offices within their markets in the states they operate. Since 1992, they have been serving citizens in:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • New Mexico
  • Texas

MGA Travel Nursing

Headquartered at MGA’s Garden, California office location is the travel-nursing department, within the company. In recent years, one profession that has suffered from an extreme shortage has been registered nurses, and that is why MGA is dedicated towards building up that workforce, once more.

MGA Nursing Assignments

If you are a registered nurse and you live in or would like to relocate to the West Coast, or more specifically, the southwestern United States, MGA may have a position for you. They are currently looking to staff various hospitals, within the five states they operate, as well as various private and public medical health organizations in California, Arizona, and New Mexico. If you happen to have a specific interest, within the registered nursing field, right now they are looking for the following nurses: intensive care unit, operating room, and emergency room.

Benefits and Compensation Packages

MGA is dedicated to filling hospitals across the southwestern U.S. with some of the best registered nurses in the country. Because of this very reason, MGA offers some top of the line health benefits to their registered nurses, as well as top-pay grade, relative to the industry. If you don’t happen to live where you are scheduled to work, MGA will gladly assist you with any relocation costs, as well as, pay for any of the time you lost while moving, that you could have been earning at a different position! Finally, MGA offers exclusive corporate housing to its registered nurses, with all furnishings and utilities, already included!

MGA Home Assistance

MGA Healthcare Staffing understands that sometimes, an injury or condition must be treated at the patient’s home. MGA will send one their qualified registered nurses out to a prospective patient’s home for a free assessment, to recommend what type of care you should receive. The same nursing staff will be able around the clock.

MGA Home Services

Over the last 20 years, MGA has learned that every case is different, and that is why they will tailor their recommendations based on consistent visitation and monitoring. There are many of solutions that MGA can offer including:

  • Being there to make sure you are taking your medicine throughout the day
  • Assisting with physical therapy
  • Even help switch the laundry

Finally, if there are tasks that need to be taken care of out of the house, such as purchasing groceries or running basic errands, and in turn, preparing the meals, MGA’s registered nurses will help you out!

Pediatric Care

MGA wants to let prospective families know that their registered nurses must have one full year of experience and be licensed in pediatric nursing disciplines, before they see your child. To ease your cause for concern, MGA Healthcare Staffing provides continued educational programs to their registered nurses and all employees, to stay on top of the latest studies and practices, and to ensure your children are receiving the most up-to-date and best practices.

MGA Open Opportunities

If you are interested in applying for a job as a registered nurse within the MGA Healthcare Staffing organization, please visit their website and submit your resume for consideration. MGA is actually a fulltime staffing company, and offers positions within a number of different industries. For example, within the accounting and finance division, they are looking to fill positions everywhere from a staff accountant and accounts receivable, to all the way at the top as a chief financial officer.

Another industry where MGA is focused on filling jobs is the emerging alternative energy industries. Currently, they are looking to fill every level of skilled position as a commercial electrician, but they are also placing applicants in solar and wind power industries. To find out a complete list of job placement through MGA Staffing, visit http://mgasearch.com/index.html

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