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Securian Health Insurance Company

Dino Christoforakis
Dino Christoforakis

Editor in Chief & Licensed Insurance Agent.

Securian Health Insurance Company is actually known as Securian Financial Group or Securian Life Insurance Company; however, they will be called Securian throughout this article. Although they do not provide health insurance, they do offer dental insurance as well as life insurance and financial investments. With almost 10 million members nationwide, and nearly $700 billion of assets backing life insurance, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands.

Health insurance has improved over the years, and you should look into various health insurance quotes to make sure you are covered in the event of an accident. Enter your zip code for an up to date quote and find out the benefits of health insurance coverage.

Securian Dental

Indemnity Plans

You might be eligible for employer-paid or voluntary indemnity plans if you happen to live in:

  • Arizona
  • Indiana
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Utah

With this plan, if you are a small company (2 or more employees) you can sign your firm up for an indemnity plan. If you were unsure, indemnity means protection against damage or loss. With this coverage, your employees will receive 100% coverage in regards to preventive care, and enjoy the freedom of selecting any dentist in America. If you have more than 25 employees within your organization, the price per employee will go down significantly. Finally, there is a lifetime deductible, which means that as long as they stay a member of your company, and a subscriber of the dental insurance, they will only have to satisfy their deductible once, throughout their entire lifetime!

PPO Plans

Offered in all 44 states where Securian offers its dental insurance services, is the PPO plan. This plan offers many of the same features as the indemnity plan, such as the freedom to see any dentist in the country, and 100% of your preventive care will be covered in-network. Other services are available within the PPO plan, just like the Indemnity plan, such as optional orthodontic coverage and worldwide emergency coverage.

There are numerous advantages to staying within the Securian “DenteMax” network of providers.

  • The first, clear-cut advantage is that the insurance provider as a reputable and recommended professional has cleared these dentists.
  • Second, when you stay in network, you will pay lower out-of-pocket costs, and many of your procedures will be covered.
  • Finally, you have predetermined negotiated fees when you stay within the network, for any procedure you might encounter.

Securian Life Insurance Company

Term Life Insurance

If you are looking into life insurance policies, however, you believe you will only need it for a specific number of years, you can choose to sign up for a term insurance policy. Throughout this policy, your premiums will remain the same, and the policy will only be paid out as death benefit.

Permanent Life Insurance

If you’d like to treat your life insurance policy as a cash investment, permanent life insurance might be an attractive option for you. These policies have a tax-advantage, that allows you to withdraw money from your policy, tax-free, in case of an emergency, or if you’d like a supplemental income after you retire. In addition, with a permanent policy, you have the option to pay the same premium throughout the life of the contract, or, you can have an adjusted premium rate based on your varying budget. To learn more on the different permanent life insurance policies, visit https://www.securian.com/Securian/Individuals/Life+insurance#term.

Income Annuities

There are two main categories of annuities, immediate and deferred. An immediate annuity offers you a consistent stream of income, guaranteed to begin no later than one year after purchase. The lump sum of money is converted into payments, which you can choose to receive from annually all the way down to monthly. A deferred annuity, is a tax-free investment, and allows you to grow your income while avoiding any taxing. To find out more on the various types of deferred annuities, visit https://www.securian.com/Securian/Individuals/Annuities.

Business Continuity

Securian wants its members to know that they too, have a backup plan. They have brokered a deal with Minnesota Life that has allowed them to continue operations even if something were to disrupt their normal course of business operations. The plan includes an alternate location that is ready 24/7, and fully staffed with persons who can get normal business operations back up and running within 24 to 36 hours. They also have a redundant setup that consistently tests business applications as well as a data warehouse that backs up all paper documents.

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