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RLI Health Insurance Company

This review is for the RLI Health Insurance Company, a subsidiary of the RLI Corporation. The RLI Corporation offers a variety of insurance products for both businesses and individuals, but does not offer personal health insurance. If an individual is interested in obtaining health insurance, they should contact another health insurance company or health insurance agent.

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RLI Corporation has been providing and surety bonds for nearly 50 years, and operate in all 50 of the United States.

RLI Health Insurance Company Locations

The main corporate office of the RLI I Corporation is located at 9025 North Lindbergh Drive in Peoria, Illinois. The toll-free phone number to the customer service department is 1-800-331-4929.

RLI Corporation also has many regional offices all over the country. There is a complete online listing of each regional office along with the address, phone number and detailed directions.

RLI Health Insurance Company Products

RLI Corporation offers many different products for businesses, as well as a more limited number for individuals. The main products for individuals include:

  • Homeowners insurance for residents of the state of Hawaii
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Home business insurance

As far as business insurance is concerned, RLI Corporation offers dozens of different products, including:

  • General property and casualty insurance
  • Business executive liability
  • Marine
  • Transportation
  • Surety insurance

Despite all the different insurance products offered by the RLI Corporation, there is no individual or business health insurance coverage offered.

The homeowners insurance for Hawaii residents, and also applies to renters. The coverage includes protection from a variety of different natural disasters, as well as coverage for burglary. The insurance coverage is available to all homes and apartments on any of the Hawaiian Islands.

Personal Umbrella Insurance covers individuals for up to $5 million and covers all of an individual’s personal property, including:

  • Homeowner’s coverage
  • Car
  • Marine
  • Rental properties

There are also some exceptions and provisions available, such as lower auto limits, young drivers, and the ability to maintain insurance coverage even after a moving violation.

The home business insurance coverage offers business owners who work out of their home the ability to secure coverage for anything that happens to your office, work equipment, and even inventory.

The coverage also protects your clients when they are at your home, as well as coverage for the policyholder even when they are somewhere else and are injured. In addition, the policy premium can be customized for each individual business, and start at only $150.

Finally, the pet insurance is offered through a third party company known as Embrace Pet Insurance. The insurance covers a variety of illness and treatments for pets, excluding pre-existing conditions.

Custom quotes are available based on the type and number of pets, as well as the specific coverage that is required.

As a reminder, despite all the above-mentioned insurance products, neither RLI nor any of its affiliates or subsidiaries offers any health insurance for humans.

RLI Health Insurance Company Reviews

The RLI Corporation has received the highest possible rating of A+ (Superior) from the A.M. Best Company. In addition, Standard and Poor’s has also given the RLI Corporation a rating an A+ (Strong).

RLI Health Insurance Company Careers

The RLI Corporation has a career page that is full of various information for anyone interested in working at the company.

The site includes information on current openings, available benefits with the company, internship opportunities, the working environment and culture, as well as links to all the locations of RLI Corporation offices across the country.

The job search function allows interested applicants the ability to search for a position by category, keyword, or location, or just by simply clicking on one of the positions that is listed as a recent posting.

Each job listing has details about the position, such as the job description, required skills and experience, job location, employment type (full-time, part-time, intern, etc.) as well as the ability to apply online.

Every positing offers applicants a link to create or update a resume or CV, email the job posting to a friend, or simply return to the listings to see if another position better matches the applicants interests and qualifications.

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