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Proassurance Health Insurance Company

Proassurance Health Insurance Company is actually known as ProAssurance Corp. They are in the health insurance business; however, they are in the practice of covering medical professionals liabilities. Currently, they trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol PRA, and have received the highest marks by ratings companies, including being named to Ward’s top 50 performers, out of 3000 possible candidates.

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Below you will find information on four different insurance companies that are interested in covering the patient, rather than the physician.


Many healthcare providers have a predetermined network of primary care physicians that their members must choose from to receive the lowest cost plan. Aetna believes you should have the ability to choose any doctor you would like, regardless of their affiliation with their personal network. The only stipulation is that you must pay $10 per visit to your doctor, which is a relatively attractive price in the industry (normally a copayment ranges from $15-$30).

Aetna recognizes that your pets are a part of the family, and that is why they offer health insurance to protect your furry friends. What is known as Pets Best Insurance is available as soon as your animal turns seven weeks old. The coverage is good for up to 80% of your pet’s necessary expenses, should they require a covered procedure.

Assurant Health

If you are currently one of the millions of American’s without health insurance, looking for an affordable option, major medical insurance might be the best possible option. Individual plans start at under $100 a month ($86) for individuals, and under $200 for families ($170)! If you have been seeing the same primary care physician your whole life and they aren’t a member of the Assurant Health network, it’s not a problem. Unlike most providers, who will charge a premium for an out-of-network physician, you have the ability to choose whomever you like, and it doesn’t matter how often you see them.

BlueCross BlueShield

100 million Americans have chosen BlueCross BlueShield to be their healthcare insurance provider. Since President Obama introduced the healthcare initiative, it has been the company’s goal to help improve the health of every American.

One of the most recent ways in which BlueCross has followed up on this initiative, has been developing an iPhone app that allows members to find the closest physician, based on GPS location. BlueCross BlueShield understands that many citizens are on the go, and if a medical emergency were to occur, they want their members to reach help as soon as possible. As soon as you load up the app, the nearest doctors and hospitals will show up, with easy to follow directions to get you there as soon as possible, along with emergency numbers cued up if you need assistance.

BlueCross BlueShield is also making an effort to raise awareness and help fight towards ending childhood obesity in the United States. Unfortunately, over the past two decades, the percentage of children who develop childhood diabetes, and suffer from obesity, has doubled. BlueCross has printed up books, entitled the “Good Health Club,” and distributed them to the entire scope of doctor’s in their network.

Recently, BlueCross BlueShield initiated a program to give back to their members for making healthy life decisions. They named this program Blue365. BlueCross has truly gone the extra mile for its members, as it has partnered with many organizations, such as H&R Block, to help you complete your Federal tax returns and also POLAR which is a nationwide fitness chain, to help you keep fit, year-round!


There two most affordable, comprehensive, and flexible plan offered is the co-pay plan

The copayment plan allows you to choose any physician and pay the low fee of $35 per doctor’s visit and UnitedHealth in turn, will pick up any costs that you incur during the examination. Also included in the plan, is a $15 co-pay for prescription drugs at the tier one level. The price of copayment rises as the tier of drug rises, making it $35 for any tier two drug and $65 for any drug you may need at the third tier. Finally, if you are prescribed to a tier four drug, you pay 25% of the cost; however, you must only meet a $500 deductible on the year.

To learn more about the tier structure of prescription drugs, visit Golden Rule.

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