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Polish National Alliance of the United States of North America Health Insurance Company

Polish National Alliance of the U.S. of North America Health Insurance Company, also known as Polish National Alliance (PNA) or the Alliance has been around since 1880. NA offers a wide range of life insurance, and annuity products. PNA started as an insurance company offering insurance for those Americans with Polish ancestry and has since opened up to everyone in need of insurance.

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Since opening their doors in 1880, they have insured almost two million people and today they membership reaches 230,000 men, women and children. This makes PNA the largest ethnic fraternal insurance company in the U.S. PNA has seen only an upward growth since 1880 without any breaks or downward losses.

 Polish National Alliance Insurance Products

While they do not offer health insurance, their life insurance plans are very comprehensive:

  •  20 Pay Life
  • Life Paid Up at 65
  • Life Paid Up at 90
  • Whole Life
  • Single Premium Whole Life
  • Universal Life

PNA is committed to offering several options in terms of permanent or all encompassing life insurance, universal life insurance, and term insurance plans. Everything PNA offers is to benefit its members and their many needs whether it be:

  • Age
  • Financial needs
  • Income
  • Future objectives
  • Their family circumstances

PNA also takes pride in their dynamic team of sales agents. Their national home office is in Chicago. The professionals that work for PNA are proud of offering precise and useful information on annuity needs and insurance plans for their members and potential members.

When PNA says it is like belonging to a family they mean it. Not only do they have fraternal programs, insurance and other annuities, but also they have wonderful programs that are very beneficial for members.

Some of the programs that are included with a PNA membership are:

  • PNA Sports and Youth Programs
  • A PNA College Scholarship Program (for those who qualify)
  • Support of Saturday Schools where knowledge of Polish heritage and culture is promoted
  • Opportunities for socializing when participating in local PNA lodges
  • PNA’s Children’s Christmas parties and annual Easter Egg Hunts
  • PNA’s Home Mortgage Loan Program (for those who qualify)
  • PNA’s Orphan Benefit Program (for those who qualify)
  • PNA’s National Spelling Bee for Eighth Grade members
  • PNA’s Dividends to PNA insurance holders
  • PNA’s biweekly fraternal publication called Zgoda (which means harmony)

Polish National Alliance Insurance History

PNA is the largest ethnically-based insurance company in the U.S. At the end of the year in 1996, PNA had 230,359 policies and 6,873 annuities written in its organization.

PNA’s total amount in insurance amongst its members was $721,660,990 and PNA is able to write insurance in Washington, DC and 36 states in the U.S. The combined assets of PNA equal $304,805,343.

Formed by Polish patriots, PNA started its organization in both Philadelphia, PA and Chicago, IL. The two cities goals were to unite the Polish community in order to better mainstream themselves into American culture.

PNA organized its very own newspaper in 1881, called Zgoda to help promote their cause. In 1885, PNA customized insurance programs to benefit their current and future members. As PNA continued to grow, so did their programs both in terms of material insurance and civic programs.

An assortment of programs were established from the 1890s and onwards, which focused on informing members of Polish descent of their rights and responsibilities as American citizens. In order to further their mission, a daily newspaper was established in Chicago, Dziennik Zwiazkowy, which is widely known as The Polish Daily News.

Today PNA works with both Polish and non-Polish Americans. It still promotes participation as citizens in the U.S. Not only with Zgoda (biweekly publication) and with Dziennik Zwiazkowy (daily newspaper), but also with the following:

  • PNA’s own radio station in Chicago, WPNA
  • PNA’s two banks
  • PNA’s involvement both the National Fraternal Congress and Polish American Congress
  • Charitable organizations and activities with their members across the U.S.

Polish National Alliance Contact Information

There are several ways to contact PNA. Their head office is based in Chicago:

Polish National Alliance
6100 North Cicero Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60646

Local telephone number: 773-286-0500
Toll-free telephone numbers: 1-800-621-3723

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