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PMA Capital Health Insurance Company

The PMA Capital Insurance Corporation was sold in 2010 to the Armour Reinsurance Group Limited, a subsidiary of Brevan Howard P&C Master Fund Limited and renamed Excalibur Reinsurance Corporation. This sale stabilized PMA Capital’s parent company, the PMA Insurance Group and provided them with additional working capital.

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PMA companies include PMA Management Corporation, PMA Management Corporation of New England, Midlands Management Corporation and Old Republic International Corporation and the PMA Insurance Group, the focus of this article. All of these companies excel in the traditional workers’ comp insurance market and provide third party administration (TPA) for thousands of business clients.

The PMA Insurance Group

The PMA Insurance Group, http://www.pmagroup.com/, is a top provider of workers’ compensation coverage and commercial insurances in the United States. PMA has been in business for almost one hundred years and provides services through three member companies. The largest of these is PMIC, the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association Insurance Company that is licensed to do business in all 50 United States and the District of Columbia. The other two companies, Pennsylvania Manufacturers Indemnity Company and the Manufacturers Alliance Insurance Company, each do business in 47 US States and the District of Columbia.

PMA Insurance Group Ratings

In 2010, rating company A.M. Best removed PMA from its “review” list and affirmed PMA Insurance Group financial stability and credit ratings as excellent A-, following the sale of the PMA Capital Insurance Corporation. The future outlook for the PMA Insurance Group is stable according to Best.

PMA Insurance Group Products for Large Business Clients

PMA client representatives focus on understanding the needs of large business clients and finding effective proven solutions to match those needs. In fact, PMA has achieved a rating of 96% when it comes to satisfying their clients. Risk management is more manageable for client companies who choose from the following programs:

  • Risk financing options
  • Risk service management programs
  • Alternatives for the transfer of risk
  • Information systems such as “Cinch”

PMA Products for Medium-Sized Clients

Medium sized companies may choose from the PMA portfolio of insurance products including:

  • Workman’s comp
  • Property coverage
  • Insurance covering equipment malfunctions or breakdowns
  • Liability
  • Umbrella programs covering excess risk
  • Inland maritime coverage

Medium sized companies may also avail themselves of PMA management, control and claim services.

PMA Specialty Programs

PMA also specializes in-group programs and captive accounts.

Standard and preferred commercial auto programs featuring comprehensive coverage and offering premium endorsements at competitive rates.

PMA Packaged Property and Liability Programs

These include the PMA Premier and PMA Elite programs which provide for the insurance needs of dozens of different types of businesses and their equipment including:

  • Restaurants, snack, candy and other food manufacturers
  • Electronics suppliers and electrical contractors
  • Office structures, motels, residence inns and hotels
  • Office machines and other office equipment
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Food markets and retail grocers
  • Schools and colleges
  • Hospital and clinic buildings
  • Wholesale, retail and warehouse operations
  • Manufacturing concerns

International Insurance Programs

Another specialty of the PMA Insurance group is providing hard-to-find international coverage. This coverage includes:

  • Liability and property
  • Extortion and kidnap
  • Health and accident
  • Medical and concierge service
  • Travel security and planning help

These services are invaluable for clients who have employees that travel or live abroad, companies that export goods and services overseas, and companies that employ foreign nationals to sell their products or provide services in other countries. PMA also provides protection for travel groups and study abroad programs.

PMA Customer Service

The PMA website offers a host of customer service options including online claim reporting. A separate portal, PMA Websource, offers access to safety and loss prevention information published exclusively for clients of the PMA companies. These resources were developed by professional consultants and provide unique and up-to-date content designed to save PMA clients both time and money. PMA commercial clients also have access to PMA’s trademarked PMA Cinch portal. Cinch is a system that manages risk information and provides the clients the ability to:

  • Retrieve information
  • Analyze risks quickly and efficiently
  • Filter, sort and collate analysis data
  • Generate more than 20 reports
  • Access up-to-date summary information on 30+ claim screens
  • Report claims and track them online
  • Access colorful easy-to-read graphs and other data displays
  • Track and record OSHA data
  • Communicate instantly with PMA representatives

This unique information operating system allows for comprehensive yet flexible data management, helping to shrink PMA client companies’ insurance expenses thereby increasing profit, the bottom line, while providing a safer work environment for all.

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