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Old Reliance Health Insurance Company

An Old Reliance Health Insurance Company review leads to Reliance Standard of which Old Reliance is a subsidiary. Started in 1906, Old Reliance is now a publicly-traded company with an A rating from A.M. Best independent insurance rating company. An A rating is an excellent financial stability rating.

If you are looking for personal health insurance, you can enter your zip code in the free box on this page to receive rates and quotes from several top companies.

Old Reliance is owned by Delphi Financial Group, Inc. and is traded as such on the New York Stock Exchange. Being owned by a financial group allows Old Reliance to have a strong financial backing on which to build its portfolio of insurance products.

Old Reliance Insurance Company Health Insurance

Old Reliance Insurance Company provides a variety of health insurance options for customers who need health care. Their first coverage option is comprehensive coverage. This type of health care policy covers everything from an annual wellness visit to hospitalization and treatment for diseases.

The Old Reliance comprehensive coverage comes with a higher premium lower deductible options or a lower premium higher deductible option. Both of these options should be considered before choosing the best plan for you. If you choose the higher deductible plan, you need to make sure you have that money set aside. If your deductible is due and you cannot pay it, Old Reliance will not pay their portion.

The second type of insurance coverage offered by Old Reliance is Preventative Care Coverage. This is a type of health insurance that is ideal for healthy individuals who only need preventative care such as wellness checks, immunizations, and annual physicals. Of course, there is a risk associated with this type of plan because it does not cover major medical events or hospitalization.

Old Reliance Insurance Company Life Insurance

Old Reliance Insurance Company also sells life insurance products. They specialize in life insurance for the wealthy, but also write policies for the middle class and group life insurance packages. Life insurance differs for the wealthy because there are more assets and a greater amount of cash benefits to be paid out. Often times there are exclusions and beneficiaries may change as financial status changes.

Old Reliance sells both whole life insurance and term life insurance. Whole life insurance is a life insurance policy as well as a means of investing money. Money can be withdrawn before the policy is collected upon. Term life insurance is exclusively a life insurance policy. Term life can be purchased in 10, 15, or 20-year terms and premiums amounts can be negotiated as well based on how much coverage is desired.

The term life insurance offered by Old Reliance requires a medical examination, blood test, and weigh in. Individuals must meet certain health requirements to qualify for the term life insurance policy. If the medical exam is not passed, individuals can reapply every six months up to four times. Old Reliance has traveling nurses that go to individual’s homes to conduct the medical tests.

Old Reliance Insurance Company Careers

Old Reliance is continually looking for qualified individuals to join their staff. All offices conduct their own hiring through a centralized online system. Offices are located in:

  • South Portland
  • Los Angeles
  • Tampa
  • Philadelphia
  • Novi
  • Atlanta
  • St. Louis
  • Houston
  • Washington DC
  • Denver
  • Charlotte
  • Phoenix
  • Cincinnati
  • Schaumburg
  • Orlando
  • Dallas
  • Walnut Creek
  • New York

One of the appeals of Old Reliance is their benefits, which include:

  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Vision insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Paid holidays
  • Commission incentives

Providing quality benefits is one of the best ways to attract and keep employees.

Old Reliance has a committee consisting of executives, middle management, agents, and support staff that regularly reviews the benefit package offering suggestions on what is working and what is needed. They take employee feedback into consideration as well. This committee has proven to be highly effective in making necessary changes.

Once an individual is hired by Old Reliance, they are given the opportunity for training. This training is done on the local level and the state level. Yearly conferences provide individuals with new and innovative ways to understand and sell insurance while local training is done on a quarterly basis to insure that the very best is given to each client.

If you are looking for personal health insurance, you can enter your zip code in the free box on this page to receive rates and quotes from several top companies.

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