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Ohio Health Insurance Company

Ohio Health Insurance Company doesn’t actually exist, but there are a number of other providers that can service your insurance needs in Ohio. One of the top providers of health insurance in the state of Ohio is Celtic. No matter whom you end up choosing as your primary care provider, Ohio, on the state level, has a department to make sure you are treated fairly. The Ohio Department of Insurance consistently mines the proverbial field of insurance providers to make sure you will receive the absolute best quality insurance for the lowest prices in the country!

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Celtic Insurance Company

Individual health care is very important, and Celtic has takes pride in focusing on this aspect of insurance, and doing it very, very well. There are five separate plans that make up the insurance product suite of Celtic’s individual health insurance plans. They are explained in detail below.

Economic Basic

As previously discussed, Celtic is proud to offer the very best in healthcare in the state of Ohio, even at the basic level. Just because the basic plan t happens to be the lowest cost plan, doesn’t mean you will be missing out on the necessary benefits that not only every Ohioan, but every American should receive. As a preferred-provider organization option, this means that there is a pre-established list of exceptional doctors to choose as your primary care provider. Once you do this, you can choose to pay a 30% or 20% of your total deductible (this influences premium cost). Finally, if you plan to visit your doctor as little as two times a year, you will only have to pay $30 per visit!


Celtic believes it has the perfect product anyone who is a recent high school graduate (eighteen and up) and nearing retirement (65 or younger). If you happen to fall within the range, Celtic gives its members the option to pay 20% of their yearly deductible or opt for complete coverage. Depending on which option you choose, and your current state of health and age, your deductible could be as little as $500 a year or as great as $5000. Prescription drugs are excluded from your deductible, and require minimal co-pay. The comprehensive health plan can also be split up into two specific categories. Just like in the basic package, you can choose from an already established network of physicians (PPO), or you can opt to choose any doctor you want that isn’t in Celtic’s network. If you happen to choose a doctor outside of the network, you will have to pay $35 per visit as a co-pay to see your physician.

High Deductible

One of the many advantages of a high deductible plan is you can use it as a tax-free savings account. Like a savings account, once you put your money in, you will not lose it, after, say a year. You also don’t accrue taxes within your account, which makes this a pretty good investment come tax season. Ohio residents looking for individual plans can choose a deductible between $1,500 and $5,000. If you happen to open a family plan, your deductible will range from $3,000 to $10,000.


Celtic understands that unforeseen circumstances can through you for a loop, and that is why they have a short-term plan, to make sure you never lose coverage. Say you are in between jobs, and you only need coverage for a few months. You can choose a deductible ranging from $500 to $5000 depending on your age and current health status. Say you have a newborn child, and you want to make sure they are covered, babies as young as six months can be eligible for short-term coverage and adults are eligible until they reach 66 years of age.

Student Health

This is very similar to the short-term plan; however, the term is limited to one to six months. Ohio graduates will have the same sliding scale of deductibles, as previously indicated in the short-term care description; however, Celtic’s postgraduate program will also cover 80% of expense over $5000.


Since inception in 1978, the Celtic Group has grown from a brokerage firm located in Chicago Illinois, to branching out into the insurance world. After getting a handle on the insurance market, Celtic realized they really wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, specifically making sure they were healthy. In 2008, they were bought by Centene Corporation and now focus their efforts to provide the best healthcare they can offer to their members.

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