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Ohic Health Insurance Company

Ohic Health Insurance Company isn’t actually a company at all; however, there are more than a few companies you can seek out for insurance in the state of Ohio. There are many providers of health insurance in the Ohio; however, Celtic stands out amidst the pack. Wherever you end up receiving your plan, you can be sure that the Ohio Department of Insurance has your back. They have committed to providing insurance at the lowest possible rates, from every provider, and will continue to do so for Ohio citizens in the future. Finally, you can choose the alternative health savings account plan, which will be described below.

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Celtic Insurance Company

As far as individual health care is concerned, in Ohio, and throughout the United States, Celtic prides itself on being recognized as one of the leading providers in the industry! As far as individual health plans, Celtic has five plans available; to make sure they can reach everyone’s needs.

  • Economic Basic

Celtic is proud to offer a very affordable health plan to the citizens of Ohio. Don’t let the name “basic” fool you, this plan is still loaded with the benefits you want and expect from your health insurance provider. As a PPO option, a member can receive insurance, based on their deductible at a 70/30 rate or an 80/20 rate. When you visit your local physician, twice a year it will only cost $30 for copay! This might be the best all around plan, if you happen to own your own business.

  • Comprehensive

Celtic also offers a comprehensive health plan to the citizens of the state of Ohio. If you happen to be between the ages of nineteen and just under 65 years of age, this plan might be right for you. With a choice of 80/20 or completely covered coinsurance, your deductible may range from $500 to $5,000. If you happen to require prescription drugs, Celtic has you covered, and there will be low copay with no deductible at all! The comprehensive health plan can also be split up into two specific categories. First is a PPO plan, which means you can receive top of the line care for the lowest possible premium, if you choose a physician who is participating in the network. Next, the “Any Doc” plan, allows you to choose your physician, regardless of network membership, for a low co-pay of $35 a visit. Finally, Managed Indemnity, is essentially a no-network alternative

  • High Deductible

If you’d like to receive tax advantages, Ohio residents, continue reading about this plan! If you are an individual, you can choose a plan that starts at $1,500 and goes all the way up to $5,000 for a deductible. If you opt for a family plan, the deductible can range from $3,000 to $10,000.The tax advantage is seen because they are 100% deductible, depending on the plan you chose, and also depending on how much the IRS allows. Interest earned also doesn’t accrue taxes, and you can withdraw from the account at anytime, tax-free!

  • Short-Term

Ohio residents, do you need care for your newborn child or teenager? The short-term plan allows family members as young as six months and up to 65 years old to receive member benefits. This is also a pay as you go plan, with deductibles ranging from $500 to $5000. The main benefit of the plan is you can choose to sign up for as little as one month, or even half a year, if you didn’t want to sign up for a full twelve month commitment.

  • Student Health

Like the short-term plan, Ohio Residents can purchase a student plan that varies in length from one to six months. If you are a recent graduate, you can still choose the PostGrad program for up to three terms after graduation. The deductible covers up to 80% of the first $5,000 of expenses, so if you have a $500 deductible, and a $5,000 injury, you will only have to pay an additional $500. There are some exceptions to the rule; however, the PostGrad plan does not cover pre-existing conditions.

Celtic Insurance Company History

Founded in 1978, Celtic Group began operating in Chicago as a brokerage firm, offering an assortment of insurance programs. Over the years, Celtic has learned that their expertise is in the health insurance field. In 2008, Celtic Group was acquired by Centene Corporation who is actively traded on the NYSE.

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