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Odyssey America Health Insurance Company

Odyssey America Health Insurance Corporation is actually known as Odyssey Re, or Odyssey Reinsurance. Although you cannot purchase health insurance from Odyssey Re, they do offer many numerous reinsurance options that you might be looking for. The company was founded over 100 years ago, in 1900, and currently has over $10 billion in assets. As a reinsurance company, Odyssey provides risk assurance to already established insurance companies with outstanding policies. As a firm, OdysseyRe is involved in a number of different markets listed and explained below.

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Reinsurance Casualty Treaty

OdysseyRe is will underwrite in proportion of excess loss. If possible, they prefer to be the head underwriter in casualty treaty reinsurance in both the Americas and internationally. Typically, the OdysseyRe is interested in underwriting:

  • Accident and health insurance
  • Malpractice
  • General liability insurance
  • Reinsurance Casualty Facultative

There are three specific areas for underwriting casualty facultative, that OdysseyRe is currently involved in. The first is simply traditional lines, which include the likes of automobile liability.

Next would be corporate product underwriting, which includes:

  • Employment practice
  • Directors
  • Fiduciary
  • Omissions liability

Finally, specialty lines of underwriting are more technical, such as:

  • Construction
  • Railroad
  • Structures reinsurance
  • Property Treaty

If you are interested in obtaining reinsurance on your property, OdysseyRe will underwrite both proportionally and if you exceed your loss base. Typically, the types of investments OdysseyRe seeks are:

  • Commercial lines portfolio excess damages
  • Terrorism coverage
  • Agricultural lines

Essentially, if you hold a diverse portfolio, and say, there is a fear in your overseas market of a terrorist attack, it might be wise to consult OdysseyRe. If there is an anticipated drought in the upcoming season, OdysseyRe can help reinsure your investments to help hedge a major loss.

Space, Aviation & Marine Exploration

With modern technology advancing into the final frontier, OdysseyRe wants their customers to know that they can help them out in the sky and outer space. The categories include, but are not limited to:

  • Cargo planes
  • War
  • Space travel
  • Satellites
  • Prelaunch underwriting
  • In-orbit flights

OdysseyRe also has you covered if you are doing business underwater or are in search of new forms of energy.

Hudson Insurance Group

Hudson Insurance Group is a division of OdysseyRe that specializes in underwriting for property and casualty insurance. At its headquarters in New York City, they are currently looking to employ actuaries, as well as IT professionals, specializing in applications development.

Crop Insurance

As previously mentioned, OdysseyRe is interested in protecting the crops of farmers and has allocated Hudson Insurance group to take care of their members. Now reaching 29 states, Hudson is able to provide 24/7 assistance to its members, assuring your safety at a moment’s notice. The employees who work as crop specialists have over 130 years of experience, and have partnerships with the Growers National Cooperative, to ensure you have nothing less, than the best possible service.


Hudson Insurance Group continually adapts with the changing marketplace and has a dedicated team for the ever popular and now established nutraceutical market. This market is made up of the health foods you see in grocery stores, the various energy drinks, as well as, natural medicinal products. This type of underwriting is available through the wholesale brokerage market.

Newline Group

Newline Group is a subsidiary of OdysseyRe that specializes in various forms of liability insurance. Although U.S. based, Newline also has a dominant presence within the United Kingdom, and is associated with Lloyd’s of London.

Medical Malpractice

One can obtain underwriting through Newline Group in regards to medical malpractice, in a number of instances. Newline is actually the leader in the field, offering a maximum of $15 million in reinsurance. Some of the risks that Newline group will target are:

  • Academic hospitals
  • Private medical clinics
  • Practices with over 25 professionals
  • Public health authorities
  • Professional Indemnity

In some instances, it is actually a possibility to acquire insurance, after a committed date. This is because, in the case of professional indemnity, these types of instances are usually only on a claims-made basis. Newline can offer up to $15,000,000 dollars in reinsurance for the following groups of professionals. As far as traditional professions are concerned, Newline typically deals with accountants and lawyers. Construction professionals may need to seek out Newlines expertise, and therefore they deal with everyone from architects, to civil engineers. Finally, miscellaneous professionals, such as recruiters, are all welcome to inquire Newline for underwriting needs.

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