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Occidental Health Insurance Company of North Carolina

Occidental Health Insurance Company of North Carolina is actually a life insurance provider located in Waco, Texas. Although, you can’t receive health insurance from Occidental Life Insurance Company of North Carolina, you can choose from their entire product catalog of life insurance solutions. Established in 1906, Occidental has over 100 years of experience providing for individual clients, employers, and government entities.

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If you happened to be looking for Occidental College, you can visit their website.

Nestled in the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, is the quaint campus of Occidental College offering highly acclaimed Liberal Arts education. If you are looking for an intimate college setting, Occidental College sports a ten to one student to faculty ratio and the average class has sixteen students.

Occidental College Student Health Plan

Occidental College offers student health insurance through United Healthcare Student Services, throughout the school year and through the summer. If you wanted to sign up for a student health plan, your student account will be billed for $356.65 a semester. United Health care also understands that problems may occur outside of the normal hours of business, and that is why they have a 24/7 nurses hotline.

United Healthcare Insurance plans


If you are looking for an affordable and consistent plan, you can select the co-pay option that allows you to predetermine all of your future copayments per doctor’s visit. This fee will cover all of your routine checkups and exams, as long as you are visiting a physician within the United Healthcare preferred network. The Golden Rule is also available, which covers up to three million dollars in benefits per individual in the plan, and you can buy up to five million. This is particularly beneficial to families just starting out, with children making regular visits to their pediatrician.

Health Savings Account

This particular option, offered by United Healthcare allows you to deposit money you are saving on your premiums, and use these to pay off any healthcare payments you might need to make. You may remember cell phone commercials advertising rollover payments in the past, well, these savings set aside from your premiums do in fact, roll over to the following year, even if you don’t use them towards healthcare in the fiscal year. The great thing about this rollover is that you can take advantage of various tax savings, on the interest you earn.

High Deductible

If you are very fearful of a major injury or unpredictable healthcare costs, there are three individual plans that might be what you are looking for.

Plan 100

This plan offers a deductible over the course of a calendar year, and pays 100% of all covered expenses over the course of that annual plan.

Plan 80

This plan has a slightly lower premium than the 100% plan, because you end up paying 20% of the covered expenses throughout the year. If you’d like to pay less on your month-to-month premiums over the course of the yearly plan, this might be an attractive alternative

Saver 80

This is a high deductible plan with the least expensive monthly premium. The difference between this plan and Plan 80 is that there is no coverage for prescription drugs or any visits to the physician over the course of the year. This really is a barebones package, for the individual who would like to be covered; just in case there is a medical emergency over the course of a year.

Continuity Plan

This plan is designed to help you out if you should lose your job, if you retire early, or if you decide to pursue the American dream and start your own business. Now, if you already were receiving coverage from your employer, it would make sense to start with your plan off. What this means is you pay a small percentage of a premium that gives you the ability to turn your plan on at any given time. Once you do enact your plan, by turning it on, you pay a small premium.

International coverage

Are you planning to travel for business for an extended period of time in the upcoming year, or possibly, studying abroad for a term while at college? Together, with International Medical Group, UnitedHealth Care is able to offer 24/7 coverage when you are traveling. Any emergency services are coordinated between the two partners, so you don’t have to worry about any language barriers or even currency conversion.

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